Apple Picking

We went apple picking, way back in October. I couldn't believe how many different types of apple trees we could pick from. We had our choice of every kind of apple you could think of. Super tart, hard & sweet, sweet & soft, bitter & hard... 

The day was a beautiful one. We spent so much time roaming through the trees, smelling the apples we picked to try to determine which kind they were, and enjoying a perfect fall day with each other.

and lastly, we wondered over to say hi to the turkeys.


A Gift Guide for the Mr.

1. Watch from Tree Hut design   2.Stationery from Tiny Prints  3. Barbecue Rub 
4. Slippers  5. Plant Hanger 

If you're anything like me, buying meaningful gifts for the Mr. can be a challenge. With Bears birthday last week (post on that later) and the holidays coming up I put together a short list of items that I think would make great husband/ man in your life gifts.

I love meaningful gifts, I honestly think that's why I end up waiting until the last second to buy anything, I spend sooo long trying to think of something that is meaningful and has purpose. These beautifully hand crafted watches are everything and more. Plus, you can have them engraved with a special saying or quote, which I LOVE. How sentimental is that? Secretively, I would love to have a matching pair for Bear and I.

Bear is starting the job search and has been sending thank you notes to people he has informational interviews with. Again, I love the idea of making something personal, and this stationary from Tiny Prints is perfect. He can keep it simple and professional looking while personalizing it with his initials.

When it comes to cooking, we like to experiment in the kitchen, especially Bear. I think this barbecue rub would be perfect. Bear can get a little creative while making a yummy dinner.

It gets cold here in New Jersey and we are always wearing slippers around the house. I couldn't help but add these to the list because they look so cozy.

We love plants in our home but struggle at keeping them alive. It's an everyday battle that we go through. But Bear loves his plants! I love that this plant hanger is modern and the copper color is really great. Best of all, it could hold a group of air plants, which take very little maintenance so there is more of a possibility that we could keep it alive.

Good luck shopping for that man in your life.


Our adventurous weekend in D.C

After Bear turned in his dissertation we headed to D.C for a long weekend.  We needed a getaway and Bear needed some time to relax and free his mind from thinking. D.C is one of  our favorite cities and our best friend lives there (see pic above) so it seemed like the perfect getaway. 

^ We arrived on Thursday night and had all day Friday to explore and play tourist.^

^Exploring the Library of Congress.^

^Touring the Capital. Bear was very focused on learning all about the statues in the rotunda. :) ^ 

^On the roof top of the Newseum.^

Friday evening we met up with some of Bear's old high school friends. I'm kicking myself that we didn't get a picture of all of them. It was so fun watching Bear be among some of his old friends. They went through old year books and told funny stories about each other. 

 On Saturday we walked all around the Mall and Tidal Basin. Bear has been reading a book on Thomas Jefferson and wanted to go spend some time at his memorial.  

^Thanks Ryan for taking one of my favorite pictures of us. ^ 

^ Cheering for the Gators. They had just made a touch down. ^ 

Later in the day we headed to the bar to watch the UF football game. That was probably one of the highlights of the trip.  I wish I would of gotten a picture of the entire bar. It was decorated all in Orange and Blue and was packed with people cheering for the Gators.

^Sunday Brunch^ 

We ended the weekend with Sunday brunch and a stroll around the portrait gallery.


Shento had a Birthday

Shento had a birthday last month and we celebrated. It has become a little family tradition celebrating the pups b-day. Shento loves it because he gets all the treats, rubs, and attention a dog could ask for. 
A couple years ago, Bear and I started having a dog birthday cake cook-off. We would allow ourselves a certain amount of time, a pantry full of ingredients (dog friendly of course), and Shento determined the winner by eating the 'winning' cake first. 

^Shento got extra spoiled this year because my co-worker brought him some adorable puppy cupcakes. If we're being honest I think he liked those best. ^  

^ The winning pup cakes. It's amazing what you can do with pumpkin, flour and oats. ^

Happy Birthday to our little puppy. I can't believe it's been 8 years since we first met you at the dog park. When I first saw you and your long droopy ears, I ran to Bear telling him I was going to steal you. Little did I know your foster mom was standing a mere inch away from me and heard my plan of attack to grab you, run through the dog park and take you home. She politely told me that I didn't have to steal you, I could adopt you. And i'm so glad we made that decision eight years ago.


camp DISS

Camp DISS 
definition: Camp Dissertation: an intensive couple weeks that consist of getting very familiar with the computer screen and key board, understanding the effects of not sleeping, comprehending the meaning of reading, writing, editing and re-writing, acknowledging you’re hungry but knowing that chocolate has all the nurtirance that you need and it’s easy to eat, and lastly managing the stress by giving yourself multiple large knots in your neck and back area that take weeks to go away.

Sound fun? Sign up for a PhD program and you will get to enjoy all of that. 

A couple weeks ago Bear turned in the first draft of his dissertation to his advisor. This is the last big step (beside apply to jobs) that he will take in his PhD program. The stack of paper that he printed is an accumulation of years of research and hard work. It feels slightly unreal that this entire process of being a grad students wife is winding down. But as the wife, I couldn't be more excited about what the future holds and proud of all of Bears hard work.


Our Local Farmers Market

Every Friday vendors from across the state gather in the middle of our town to sell their produce, baked goods, flowers, and local honey. We go for the organic produce, the occasional bunch of sunflowers, and always hit up the pickles guy. One time I bought a pint of pickles and had them almost finished off before I even made it home. What can I say, the pickles are tasty.
I can never get over how huge and beautiful the sunflower bouquets are. And I’m sure this week  the pumpkins will have arrived and we will buy one or four of them. You can never have too many pumpkins this time of year. 

Farmers markets are a fav of mine. I love the atmosphere and seeing everyone out and about enjoying themselves. It makes the town feel more like a community.  It's been fun watching this particular farmers market double in size in just a few short months. Bring on the fresh produce. 


A Day Trip to Philly

Recently, Bear and I wrote down all of the stuff we want to do while living on the East Coast. We could fill up everyday for the next 6 months with the activities we have on our list thus far. However, there are a couple things on that list that are must dos, and one of them was a day trip to Philadelphia. I have been to Philly multiple times for work events and visiting friends but Bear has never 'officially' been. So we played history buff tourists for a day and made our way around the 'city of brotherly love'.  please excuse the horrible quality of iphone pics. If you have any other fun suggestions of things to do in Philly, please share with us. 

^A picture in front of love sign is a must if you visit Philly. I fell in love with this city many years ago when I came for a work event and I have been talking it up to Bear for years.^  

^Bear is standing on the Independence Hall lawn. The Liberty Bell sits to the left of him and Independence Hall is right across the street. The grave site of Benjamin Franklin. ^

^ The Christ Church Burial ground and the outside of the Free Masons building ^

^^Philadelphia City Hall^^

^Inside Independence Hall. This room is where the Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution were debated and adopted. ^
^Last but not least, the Reading Terminal Market. We stopped and had lunch at Dinic's Pork and Beef shop. The pulled pork sandwich was pretty tasty.^

Philly, you have always held a special place in my heart. From all the history to the yummy food (don't worry, we will be back to taste test cheese steaks and pretzels) you have never disappointed.


6 years

Six years went by fast, in a good way, in a VERY good way. We have done, seen, felt, and explored our way through the past 6 years and it has been great. To celebrate our accomplishment we kept it low key and enjoyed one of the best breakfasts ever, walked along the beach, and explored the town of Highlands. 

^ First stop was breakfast at the Vintage Kitchen. Can you see why this place quickly became my favorite little breakfast spot. That my friends is fresh toast, ham and brie style. Sounds a little gross but let me tell you it. was. delicious. ^

^The beach was clean and the views were beautiful. Shento played around while Bear and i collected sea glass. Bear has a keen eye for that stuff. and if you look closely in the picture to the right, you can see the NY skyline. It was a perfectly clear day (which doesn't happen all that often) and the skyline was shining brightly. ^

^ Walking the trail around battery loop at Hartshorne State Park.  The loop circles two WWll gun batteries and some great views of the ocean. ^

^we couldn't end the night without some couple pictures. Happy 6 years to us. ^


birthday celebrating

This birthday was low key. 
a day at the river, dinner at a great BBQ place, and time spent with Bear. 
Happy Birthday to me.