it's super quite in my house right now. Bear is reading in our room and i am sure that Shento is snuggled up  right next to him. i am sitting on our couch sipping some tea reminiscing about the curtains that i sewed today. i thought long and hard about how i would make them and what pattern/color they would be, and now as i am starring at them they turned out just okay. they look more blue to me than the grey they looked in the store and my seam line is not completely strait. maybe i should of just bought the ones that i was wanting instead of trying to be crafty. oh well, i am sure they will grow on me... they've got to because they are here to stay! the moving process is progressing. i still feel a little discombobulated. i put things away and then i forget where they are, and trying to find room for all of our stuff has been a challenge but the house is lovely, the neighborhood seems charming, and it's exciting starting this new adventure.


wishing everyone a joyous weekend

 we like bright colors
Bear actually picked the wall color (magenta haze). You wanna know why? 
Because it's 'his' color. it says it in the book of colors. it goes by your birthdate and year. 
His happens to be magenta haze so he thought why not paint the office that color. 
it's bright, but i think it will be fun and energetic when we are complete. 
what do you think of the mock up? 


have a happy weekend. 
we will be un-packing and putting together our new home. 


we shall be moving

wish us luck today!
we are packing up the u-haul and movin are stuff to provo.
ready. set. GO!!! 


our new home on e street

our house is coming along nicely. 
the walls have been painted, the carpet has been cleaned, and the kitchen has been scrubbed.
 we owe a HUGE thanks to both of our parents for helping/doing a lot of the work.
 we will be loading up the u-haul and moving all of our stuff tomorrow. 
let the craziness of un-packing and decorating begin! 
and lastly, no this pictures has nothing to do with moving, provo, or even bear and i. it was taken in park city of some random donkeys that i thought were cute! 


happy birthday my love

thank you for being my best friend.
 i love you. 

Love, me 


welcome home

whew, yesterday was a whirlwind. we signed the lease, got the keys, and started painting our new home.   the new coat of paint already brightens up the rooms and makes the house look a lot more charming. i have a million ideas for decorating and i am anxious to start moving our stuff/boxes in. today, we are heading back to the house to paint. the more time i spend in the empty house, the more it feels like our home.


Road Island Diner

Awhile back Bear and I took a drive to Oakley to visit the Road Island Diner
It's an actual old streamlined art deco diner car that was moved here from Elizabeth, NJ. 
Now you see why we had to visit! It has ties to NJ.
The car is filled with bright colored seats, neon signs, a jukebox,
 and of course the curved aluminum ceiling. The waiter even wore a hat replicating 
the ones that were worn in the 1930's by waiters. 
We had chocolate malts and boy were they tasty (and huge), we should of shared.. 
Everything on their menu looked good, but the breakfast looked especially yummy. 
I think we will be visiting again soon to try out the breakfast. 



Hello, hello, hello,
this past week was busy. so many little things in our life are happening and it started feeling overwhelming. we have been afraid of jinxing it so we have stayed quite, but we have found a cute old house (to rent) that we will call our home sometime next week. the house is everything we could ask for. two bedrooms plus an office, tons of natural light, a fenced in back yard for Shento, and the best part, they allow dogs! it feels good to have finally made a decision and to know that this is the start of our new adventures in utah.  

in other news, we still miss nj. isn't that the craziest thing? i miss our routine, all of our favorite restaurants, and our friends. i am so thankful that we took full advantage of living there. i have strange flashbacks when we visit local stores that we frequented in nj. i sometimes have to remind myself that we are no longer back east.  i think that i am ready for a trip or i am ready for our friends to come visit us (Janice). we have a nice house and i will be a great host. yes, i am bribing everyone to come visit us. 

also, i am excited about the snow. this weekend i was ready for the predicted blizzard that we were suppose to have but it didn't happen. it was just cold. but this cold is great. in nj when the temperatures dropped you seldom went outside. the humidity made everything unbearable. now we can go for winter walks without feeling like we are going to freeze to death. 

and lastly, the house gets a fresh new coat of paint and we are in the process of picking out the colors. that task is harder than it seems. we stared at all the paint color samples hoping for one to jump out at us. instead we left about a dozen different choices.