A Gift Guide for the Mr.

1. Watch from Tree Hut design   2.Stationery from Tiny Prints  3. Barbecue Rub 
4. Slippers  5. Plant Hanger 

If you're anything like me, buying meaningful gifts for the Mr. can be a challenge. With Bears birthday last week (post on that later) and the holidays coming up I put together a short list of items that I think would make great husband/ man in your life gifts.

I love meaningful gifts, I honestly think that's why I end up waiting until the last second to buy anything, I spend sooo long trying to think of something that is meaningful and has purpose. These beautifully hand crafted watches are everything and more. Plus, you can have them engraved with a special saying or quote, which I LOVE. How sentimental is that? Secretively, I would love to have a matching pair for Bear and I.

Bear is starting the job search and has been sending thank you notes to people he has informational interviews with. Again, I love the idea of making something personal, and this stationary from Tiny Prints is perfect. He can keep it simple and professional looking while personalizing it with his initials.

When it comes to cooking, we like to experiment in the kitchen, especially Bear. I think this barbecue rub would be perfect. Bear can get a little creative while making a yummy dinner.

It gets cold here in New Jersey and we are always wearing slippers around the house. I couldn't help but add these to the list because they look so cozy.

We love plants in our home but struggle at keeping them alive. It's an everyday battle that we go through. But Bear loves his plants! I love that this plant hanger is modern and the copper color is really great. Best of all, it could hold a group of air plants, which take very little maintenance so there is more of a possibility that we could keep it alive.

Good luck shopping for that man in your life.