we love us some hamburgers

We have exactly 37 days until we say our goodbyes to New Jersey. We have a love/hate relationship with this area. We love it because we have made it our home, lots of memories have been created here, and we have a list of our favorite spots and eateries to go to. For the next couple weeks we (yes, hubby is getting involved in this as well) will be spotlighting some of our favorite places that we have grown to love and enjoy.

First up is Blitzburgers... we randomly found this little hamburger joint as we were walking around downtown New Brunswick. They are best known for their (many) creative hamburgers that you can choose from. My favorite is the pesto burger, layered with swiss cheese, spinach, and mushrooms. Before we leave, I am hoping to try the rowdy rueben burger, the name just sounds fun!
As most of you know, Bear and I love of us some hamburgers, and this quickly became one of our favorite little spots to go when our craving came on. it is simply delicious. and as an added bonus, it is only a couple miles away from our house.


Gainesville, I miss you everyday.


When I moved to Florida, I was nervous, anxious, and excited. That decision turned out to be the best choice I have ever made. I love Gainesville, and miss it every day. The memories that Bear and I made are still so fresh in my mind. At some point in my life, I would love to move back to the sunshine state. But for now, we were so lucky to be able to go back and hang out with old friends, walk around the campus, and visit some of our favorite spots. It was a absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to go back!!



Last week we headed to Florida to visit family and attend a wedding. We had a wonderful time!  
We ate yummy food, hung out with wonderful family, Bear got to see (I got to meet) a lot of his old high school friends, we spent time on the beach, and enjoyed wondering around the UF campus. 
We took lots of pictures and I will be sharing them with you soon...


Some fun finds

We are home from Florida... and we had a lovely time. 
I am missing the sunshine, beaches, friends, and family. 
 I will post pictures soon. Until then, here are some wonderful etsy finds. 

Aren't these the coolest things? They make them for other states as well. 
And the heart... I am in love with that little detail. It is custom to where you want it. 
For more information go here. 

This print can't help but make you smile. 
I think it is perfect for a kitchen. It would greet you every morning.  
Go take a look at this print here.

I love finding things for Shento. These collars are so cute.
This store has so many different options of prints and colors to choose from. 
This one reminds me of all of our time spent in nature. 

When I saw this print I fell in love... 
The illustration and typography is amazing. 
Her shop has a ton of prints. Go see for yourself. 
To get more info on this print, go here

And lastly, the Whale t-shirt. I feel like whales are making a come-back. Do you think?
When I see this shirt it makes me think of one of my best friends... 
I really like that it has all the different types of whales. 
And as a bonus,  all their shirts are eco-friendly.
Go see their fun etsy shop


Florida Love

We are off bright and early tomorrow morning to Florida.
We have not been back since we moved away... 4 years ago. 
It is going to be wonderful playing on the beach, seeing family, and hanging out with old friends. 
And of course, going to all of our favorite spots. Florida has a lot of memories for Bear and I. 
It is where we adopted Shento. Too bad he is not coming, next time. 
Be back soon!! 


Weekend Recap!

 This past weekend was rather lovely. 

Some of the few things that we enjoyed.

Baked a strawberry cream roll up cake for our progressive dinner with friends. 
Enjoyed an outside fire.
 Long walk at the Raritan River Tow Path.
Picked ticks off Shento.. Yuck
 Gave Shento a bath
Enjoyed Saturday morning relaxing outside in the sunshine.
Put fresh flowers in my vase.
Went to a 'we made it another year' dinner with some Grad School Friends. 
Had a picnic.
Threw sticks in the river for Shento.
Cuddled up in blankets because it got a little chilly at the river. Yes, even shento was shivering.
Went and got a warm beverage after our picnic.
Sat and talked under a magnolia a tree.
Watched the old watermill.
Enjoyed a Sunday drive through the farm country. 

Yes, I must say our weekend was wonderful and relaxing. 
I hope yours was too. 


Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day Mom. Thank you for all of the lessons, guidance, and advice you have given me though out my life.

Thank you to my Mother-in-law for creating such a beautiful, kind, and loving person. Her son, and my husband.

Happy Mother's Day to our beautiful, brave, and wise Mothers.

I can not wait to be one someday.... 


We played hooky and spent our day at the river.

After Monday was over, Bear was not only exhausted from staying up all night writing a paper, he was also emotionally drained from the constant stress of the end of the semester. With only one paper left to write, we decided that there was a (huge) need for a relaxing and stress free day. So we played hooky from all responsibilities on Tuesday. We made our way up to one of our favorite summer time locations, Ken Lockwood Gorge.  We started out on our drive with an cream cone and singing to good music. We brought books and magazines to entertain us, but it had been so long since we had just enjoyed each other's company, that Bear only picked up his book when I went wondering around taking pictures. It was absolutely beautiful in both the weather and the surroundings. It was a perfect day to spend together.


Rutgers Day

Rutgers Day took place this Saturday; a festival put on by Rutgers University that brings together student's and the community. We have attended every year, it has become something that we look forward to. This year, the weather was extremely beautiful, which made it even more awesome. We walked around looking at all of the student's booths and exhibits, ate some delicious pickles, and found a pleasant spot on the grass to lay our blanket out and listen to the live music.