Fall Adventures

Katrina and I spent the weekend frolicking around New Jersey (yes...frolicking). But as we have been somewhat spoiled by Utah's unspoiled landscapes, we only go to the most picturesque places here on the East Coast. This is a two-fold strategy of ours. First, it is an effort on our part to reconnect with nature, let Shento run around off-leash, and stretch our hippie-liberal legs by huggin a few trees along the way. Secondly, by selectively visiting these ecological hot spots, cataloguing our adventures through photographs, and more or less conspicuously misrepresenting New Jersey's nature-scapes we hope to convince our more gullible readers to come visit us.


The feel of fall is in the air. 


Go Gators 


I heart Sugarland

Train ride into New York 

Inside Madison Square Garden were pictures everywhere of the one and only Keith Urban. 

I heart Sugarland!

Keith Urban rocking his heart out. 

Bear and I spent the evening in New York at the Keith Urban & Sugarland concert at Madison Square Garden. It's about time that I saw Sugarland in person, because I have been listening to their CD in my car non-stop ever since Bear bought it for me for my birthday three months ago. It has replayed so many times in my car that now even Bear knows the words to all the songs. 


The crazy kid (the crazy kid = Bear) decided to go to Washington D.C to have a boys weekend with Ryan and Jack. I miss him. I miss him a lot, but.... the house is quiet and I have gotten a lot accomplished. It is surprising how much you have to entertain a husband when they are around. You just never realize that until they leave.  :) 

Art Show

New Hope, PA is a small town with bookstores, coffee shops, art stores, and the old town feel. Last weekend Bear, myself, and Janice spent the day in this little town and enjoyed the art show that was going on through the weekend.