Fall Adventures

Katrina and I spent the weekend frolicking around New Jersey (yes...frolicking). But as we have been somewhat spoiled by Utah's unspoiled landscapes, we only go to the most picturesque places here on the East Coast. This is a two-fold strategy of ours. First, it is an effort on our part to reconnect with nature, let Shento run around off-leash, and stretch our hippie-liberal legs by huggin a few trees along the way. Secondly, by selectively visiting these ecological hot spots, cataloguing our adventures through photographs, and more or less conspicuously misrepresenting New Jersey's nature-scapes we hope to convince our more gullible readers to come visit us.


Jamie Curtis said...

Katrina you are so beautiful. I want to come see you again!!

Cole and Lyndsey said...

Oh these pictures are adorable! You guys are just too hot to handle;)

Camille said...

These pictures are so great. You two are an adorable couple. They are definitely enticing! It makes me wish I lived there!