That's a BIG Pumpkin

Halloween this year was quite. Nothing really exciting happened nor did we do anything that required us dressing up or for that matter even leaving the house. Halloween this year was perfect in our own little way. On Friday night we went to our local pumpkin patch and for an added bonus everything was half off. Apparently, when you decide to go pick out your pumpkins the night before Halloween, you get the best deals. That is how the story begins as to why we bought a 55lb pumpkin. You see, when we arrived we imagined getting the usual size pumpkins to carve and nothing more. But we got caught up on how big and may we add cheap some of the pumpkins were. Neither of us had every owned a huge pumpkin so with no convening at all on both of our ends, we left the pumpkin patch with 2 small and one very large pumpkin. We came home eager to carve the small pumpkins (we are saving the large pumpkin for decoration). This was the first time Bear and I have carved pumpkins together so it was a first for us and a lot of fun. We laughed as we carved away on the soon to be jack-o’-lanterns. I made quiche (a tradition in my family on or around Halloween) and we enjoyed a very quite and relaxing night.
The night of Halloween went about the same. We answered the door to our cute trick-or-treaters (see picture’s of our neighbor kids) and watched the Gator game. Shento was even in on the action, like it or not. I dressed him up as a Tim Tebow fan. The ear bows and balloon necklace did not last more than a minute but we did get a picture with his shirt and I LOVE TEBOW sign. Let’s just say that we are a little bit in love with the Gators as well as Tim Tebow ( GO GATORS). After the game we played cards and ate home-made chili. To most, this would sound like we are an old married couple, eating chili, watching football, playing cards, but to us, at least to me this was a perfect Halloween.

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