I’m back form my un-planned blogging break.  I was feeling a bit over-whelmed and needed to escape. Escape from technology, glaring computer screens, and the creative process.

It feels like our life has been hectic. Our schedule’s are all over the place and we’re never together in the same place very long.  You see, since Bear started research about a year ago, his nights have been filled with gatherings, interviews, and activities. This leaves my nighttime’s peaceful and quite.

I mostly entertain myself with my photography and this blog. I’ve gotten really use to the quietness that surrounds our house in the evenings, but it has never felt completely content. 

Being along was wearing on me.  I was consuming more TV than I ever have, I had stopped making dinner, and forget about picking up and organizing the house.  I was getting to a point where I needed a break. And lucky for me, Bear felt the same way.  So together we put our life on hold. Bear cancelled all of his ‘research’ meetings and I got to have him all to myself.  We took a break from life, our everyday routine was put on hold so that we could re-connect and re-evaluate our life.

It was a well-needed life interruption, and we made the most of it. We took long walks by the river, enjoyed the evening sky cuddled up in the hammock, caught up on our favorite TV shows, and lounged around with each other. It was perfect being able to spend that much time with my Bear. 

And now, I am happy to say that I am feeling recharged and ready to get back into the swing of everyday life.  Bear has started to slow down on research and I have gathered my yummy recipes and went grocery shopping today (I have even started organizing the house). I am looking forward to enjoying nights with Bear, sitting at our dinner table, together, talking about our day.  


shento and fireworks

july is shento's least favorite month.
any loud un-familiar sound make him go into a frenzy. 
so you can only imagine what fireworks do to him. 
the poor pup shakes and frantically tries to find a hiding spot. 
one that is away from windows, and preferably the outside world. 
currently, he has taken up residency in the bathtub.
he jumps in, curls up into a little ball and hangs out until the noises stop. 
its become so frequently that I put a pillow in tub in the evenings. 
he at least needs to be comfortable. 
anyways, last week (who am i kidding, every single night since july 1st) 
people do fireworks in our neighborhood. 
this particular night, bear and i really wanted to comfort shento. 
so we started singing the star spangle banner...  loudly. 
as you can see, it did not help.
he ran directly to the bathtub to spend his evening. 
bear and i however, really enjoyed dancing around our house 
singing the lyrics to any patriotic song we could think of. 



on Friday evening, bear and i went out on a date. an actual hand holding, he pays for my dinner, fireworks at the end of the night (literally) kind of a date.... and it was terrific. 
i had been hearing so many good things about this new restaurant, cubbys. So for our dinner date we tried it, and it was amazingly delicious. i had a chicken sandwich and bear had the famous tri-trip. a highly recommended place if you are ever in the provo area. 

after dinner, we headed to the rooftop concert. it was perfect weather, we got a semi good seat, and the line up of singers for the tom petty tribute concert looked great. we (bear) are huge fans of tom petty so we were pretty excited about the concert. we rocked out under the stars, sang our heart out, and enjoyed the evening. 
plus, the night ended with a firework show and a kiss from the one i love. oh, and a refreshing ice cream shake.
how much more romantic can you get? 


July 4th

We celebrated the 4th of July in Provo, Utah. 
We enjoyed the famous parade with some of our wonderful neighbors. 
Bear made a delicious red, white and blue breakfast.
We went to the river to let Shento chase sticks in the water.
We walked to freedom days and listened to music and got a snowy. 
And lastly, we packed a picnic dinner and headed to the park to watch the fireworks.