shento and fireworks

july is shento's least favorite month.
any loud un-familiar sound make him go into a frenzy. 
so you can only imagine what fireworks do to him. 
the poor pup shakes and frantically tries to find a hiding spot. 
one that is away from windows, and preferably the outside world. 
currently, he has taken up residency in the bathtub.
he jumps in, curls up into a little ball and hangs out until the noises stop. 
its become so frequently that I put a pillow in tub in the evenings. 
he at least needs to be comfortable. 
anyways, last week (who am i kidding, every single night since july 1st) 
people do fireworks in our neighborhood. 
this particular night, bear and i really wanted to comfort shento. 
so we started singing the star spangle banner...  loudly. 
as you can see, it did not help.
he ran directly to the bathtub to spend his evening. 
bear and i however, really enjoyed dancing around our house 
singing the lyrics to any patriotic song we could think of. 

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