I’m back form my un-planned blogging break.  I was feeling a bit over-whelmed and needed to escape. Escape from technology, glaring computer screens, and the creative process.

It feels like our life has been hectic. Our schedule’s are all over the place and we’re never together in the same place very long.  You see, since Bear started research about a year ago, his nights have been filled with gatherings, interviews, and activities. This leaves my nighttime’s peaceful and quite.

I mostly entertain myself with my photography and this blog. I’ve gotten really use to the quietness that surrounds our house in the evenings, but it has never felt completely content. 

Being along was wearing on me.  I was consuming more TV than I ever have, I had stopped making dinner, and forget about picking up and organizing the house.  I was getting to a point where I needed a break. And lucky for me, Bear felt the same way.  So together we put our life on hold. Bear cancelled all of his ‘research’ meetings and I got to have him all to myself.  We took a break from life, our everyday routine was put on hold so that we could re-connect and re-evaluate our life.

It was a well-needed life interruption, and we made the most of it. We took long walks by the river, enjoyed the evening sky cuddled up in the hammock, caught up on our favorite TV shows, and lounged around with each other. It was perfect being able to spend that much time with my Bear. 

And now, I am happy to say that I am feeling recharged and ready to get back into the swing of everyday life.  Bear has started to slow down on research and I have gathered my yummy recipes and went grocery shopping today (I have even started organizing the house). I am looking forward to enjoying nights with Bear, sitting at our dinner table, together, talking about our day.  

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Anonymous said...

A break well deserved and precious time spent together is priceless!! This is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy the outdoors and farmer's market and all of the fun fresh food dishes that you can create!! Loved spending time with the two of you.. Remember, LAUGHTER is the best medicine!! lol
Mom xoxoxoxo