I love quotes. Always have and probably always will. When I was younger I would read quotes when I was feeling down. I kept a journal of quotes that I really loved, when I go back and read them I know exactly what was happening in that stage of my life. I found that journal last week while cleaning and it was exactly what I needed. Last week was a difficult one. Reading the quotes that I had written down long ago put life into perspective and gave me the inspiration to go out and find a couple new quotes. Enjoy


metal filing cabinet

Here's the deal... when we moved into our new home I made a vow to create a home that both Bear and I really enjoy. No more hanging a picture up just because it is all you have. The only things going on my wall are pieces we are in love with. I also wanted to create and find pieces that were original and unique. But I am on a huge budget. So with all those promises in mind, it has taken a little more time to get settled into our new home. Since I am trying to decorate on a budget and the thrift store has become my good friend, I thought I would share with you some of my projects. Most all of my projects have been cheep and easy. I have realized that you can do anything with a little creativity and spray paint! 

We needed some type of storage/cabinet in our office. I had looked all over and nothing had caught my eye. Until I received a magazine in the mail that had a beautiful colored metal cabinet. $800 was way out of my budget. So I thought about it, did a little research, and headed to the thrift store. I found this perfect metal cabinet for $4.00. Tip: when searching for a metal cabinet make sure that the drawers open and close smoothly. I then proceeded to the craft store with a couple 40% off coupons and bought three cans of spray paint. A total of $9.00.  With my research I found that it is best to use a spray paint primer on metal. That you can only get at a hardware store and runs around $5.00.

With all my paints in hand, I went to the front yard and spray painted away. It took a couple coats of paint, a couple hours for drying, and a second to carry it into our office.  It turned out perfect. Exactly how I had imagined it. The whole thing cost me about  $18.00.

Now go out and find yourself a lovely metal cabinet and get to work!


a few awesome things from this weekend...

1. Seeing Joshua James perform... Magical! 
2. Pizza night, a couple episodes of madman, and cuddling on the couch with Bear. 
3. Spending a Saturday morning enjoying all the wonderful treasures at fleaology.  I walked away with the best find - that amazing blue bench. 
4. Taking Shento on a walk long enough to make him tired. That's hard to do. 
5. Finding a fun bakery within walking distance from our house. 
6. It snowed. 
7. Drinking lots of hot beverages to stay warm. 
8. Decorating for lover's day. 



Today is my Dad's BIRTHDAY! 
I hope he is having a wonderful time celebrating his big day 
by golfing and soaking in the sun.
Happy Birthday Dad. Thanks for being so awesome. 
I love you . 


Bear left for work this morning and shento has not left this part of the couch. he stares out the window so intensely as if he is watching something. But no, he is waiting, hoping that Bear makes a quick return.  Poor dog must find me to be unbearable. I might just try to bribe him with lots of cookies. Anything to amuse him for the next five hours, or at least until mr. favorite gets home.

Honestly, I can't blame shento for thinking that Bear is wonderful. he is.


Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hi there, I am so excited to do another around your town post. Today I want to introduce all of you all to Miss Kelli Daine from Grand Rapids Michigan. She attends school at Grand Valley State University studying Hospitality (and currently works at a local hotel). In her spare time she skypes with her man (he goes to school in Virginia), hangs out with friends, takes pictures, and blogs. Go check out her blog daily polka dots here

How long have you lived in Grand Rapids?
My whole life! 23 years

What is your favorite activity to do their?
Walking around downtown taking pictures is definitely my favorite thing to do. There is a huge lawn in front of the Gerald R Ford presidential museum that my boyfriend and I like to lay at. Summer in Grand Rapids is great, there is so much to see outside it is wonderful! 

What what you say Grand Rapid is known for. 
I would guess Grand Rapids is known for their arts. We are a very up and coming city and I think that is because the love for art. There are so many different fairs and events through the year for every kind of art. The largest thing they host is called Art Prize, they basically set up an art museum all over downtown Grand Rapids, anyone can enter something in the contest and then the people who go can vote for whichever they like. It is awesome! 

Where would you find the best hot chocolate/coffee/tea? 
Starbucks...I know everyone has starbucks but I am a hard core fan, its my favorite :) 

What is your favorite thing about living in your town?
My favorite thing about my town is that it takes no more than 15 minutes to get anywhere and it is always lively but in a small town sort of way. I do not like the bigness of New York but I do like a city so Grand Rapids is great for me because it feels like a big downtown with the tall buildings and the hustle and bustle but on a much smaller scale than New York!

What is one thing you would change about your town?
I would have more to do in the winter. It gets a little boring! 

If you had house guests where would you take them or what would you do?
I would take them downtown for sure.

Favorite restaurant? 
Rockwells Republic. If you go get the edamame, their guacamole, and the fruit sangria!  

What do you do for fun.
I like to take pictures, go bowling, and walk around in the small towns that surround Grand Rapids

What is your favorite date activity? 
Dinner at Dar Divani, it is a wine bar. Super cozy and relaxed. They have all different kinds of beer and wine that they teach you about. And they have amazing food!! 

Favorite holiday tradition? 
Cutting down a Christmas tree


It snowed... a little bit

we got our first real snow of this winter season, i can't believe that i am saying that... it's january.
we took a walk and everything was slightly dusted with a white layer (that has since melted). the snow was falling down and the mountains seemed extra big since it was hard to see the tops. It was beautiful!

California Coast, according to phone pictures


an envelope date

Here's the deal... i love looking forward to something and weekly date nights were the perfect thing.  bear and i use to do weekly dates when we lived in new jersey but since stopped (remember I mentioned that in this post).  date nights were one thing that we put on our 2012 goals to start back up again. so i thought i would make it a little fun and create six envelopes  each holding a card with a date written on it. we went ahead and created six dates. me writing three and bear writing three. we did not show each other what we came up with. i mixed the cards up and stuck them in the envelopes.  each monday we will pull that weeks date card. i can't wait to open them and see what fun things we get to do with each other. 

P.S I stuck magnet strips on the back of each envelope and put them on the fridge. 

P.S.S GIVEAWAY. Head over to Katrina B Photography Facebook page and enter the giveaway! 


2011 in review

In January, we rang in the New Year in Utah with games and fireworks (and a midnight kiss). 
Ryan came to visit where we had a snowball fight on the jersey shore! we explored the local geo/natural history museum in New Brunswick, NJ. And we took lots of walks in the snow. 

February, we experienced our first ice storm. I visited Janice and we toured all over D.C. and Virginia. Bear and I explored French Town, NJ and had a yummy dinner at ship inn. 

In March, we visited a maple syrup farm and learned all about how maple syrup is made. We took a quick day trip into New York City for me to do a photo-session. And the best part of March was our get-together with all of our best-friends in Washington D.C. 

April was filled with entertaining our house-guests... my parents. We took them to all of our favorite New Jersey/New York spots. We really enjoyed having them come see what our life was about on the east coast. We spent Easter at Rutgers Gardens and enjoyed the annual Rutgers day. 

In May, we took a lovely trip to Florida to attend a friends wedding and see family. It was great to catch up and see everyone. We also had some more wonderful house guests... Bear's parents came at the end of the month. Again, we took them to all of our favorites spots and ate lots and lots of yummy food. 

June was an emotional month for us. We had so much fun visiting Annapolis, Maryland and hanging out with Ryan. We ate lots of delicious crab and enjoyed being surrounded by the water. But once that trip was over, we headed back to start packing up our house for our move out west . We had a going away party with all of our wonderful friends. Bear surprised me with a day trip to Hyde Park, NY for our 3rd wedding anniversary. We ate the best meal I have ever eaten at the Culinary Institute of America, and enjoyed touring around Franklin Roosevelt's estate and Eleanor's house. We packed up all of our things and started our journey across the U.S at the end of June.  

In July, we celebrated the Fourth in Ridgway, Co with Bear's Aunt Vicci and Uncle Charlie. We also settled into our temporary home at Bear's parents house. we enjoyed camping with family and taking walks to the nearby lake. 

Bear started teaching his first class at the beginning of August. We celebrated Susan's birthday and Bear started fly fishing more. we also spent a lot of time taking walks and enjoying the outdoors. 

In September, Bear played in a woody tournament and won best dressed. we spent a lot of time taking jeep rides and looking at the beautiful changing colors. 

In October, Bear and I dressed up as Mary Poppins and Bert for Halloween. We also had a visit from our good friend Kenny and enjoyed taking him around to all of our new found favorite spots. 

In November, we found our new home in Provo Utah. We signed the lease on 11-11-11. Thanks to our family's help we painted the entire house. We celebrated Bear's birthday by attending a Navajo indian rug show and eating at Shabu Shabu house. We were able to enjoy our first Thanksgiving with family (we  usually spent it with friends because of living so far away). And to ring in the holiday's we attended the Ogden santa run. 

In December, we started decorating and organizing our house. We went on a long holiday vacation to California and Colorado. It was absolutely amazing being around all of our family and friends. I have to say, this Christmas is going to be hard to beat!!


the california coast: part one

isn't it breath taking? i think so... all of California coast is beautiful, but i think Pismo Beach is magnificent. it's basically where i grew up so i hold a special place for it in my heart... i miss terribly but have hopes that one day i (bear included) will move back.

Bear, my cousin Cory, myself, and of course Mr. Shento stood on the pier for what seemed like hours just watching the waves and surfers! it was incredibly peaceful, one of those moments you wish you could freeze time and hold onto forever.


a fresh start

We're back from our long holiday vacation. It was wonderful catching up and seeing so many of our family and friends. I miss everyone tremensely, but i am looking forward to a fresh start and this new year.

We rang in the new year in Colorado with Bear's Aunt and Uncle. And although Bear and I were flighting to stay awake until midnight ( I know, lame) we made it to about 12:05 a.m, just  enough time to sneak in a kiss and reassure each other that this was going to be a great year for us. On our drive home yesterday we made a list of goals, plans, and activities that we would like to accomplish and do this coming year. While we have always tried to have goals for our life and fun activities planned, these past couple months seemed to put a halt to those things, and this year we are bringing them back!! Like weekly date nights, eating dinner at our dining room table (not in front of the TV), eating healthier, saying and doing sweet things for each other, and going on lots of adventures in our new town. This year is going to be a great year. I believe that, and my goal is to try to make each day lovely. No bad attitudes, or feeling sorry for yourself days. Those all can stay in 2011.

I am excited for 2012 and am very thankful for all the many memories that we made and lessons that we learned this past year.