Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hi there, I am so excited to do another around your town post. Today I want to introduce all of you all to Miss Kelli Daine from Grand Rapids Michigan. She attends school at Grand Valley State University studying Hospitality (and currently works at a local hotel). In her spare time she skypes with her man (he goes to school in Virginia), hangs out with friends, takes pictures, and blogs. Go check out her blog daily polka dots here

How long have you lived in Grand Rapids?
My whole life! 23 years

What is your favorite activity to do their?
Walking around downtown taking pictures is definitely my favorite thing to do. There is a huge lawn in front of the Gerald R Ford presidential museum that my boyfriend and I like to lay at. Summer in Grand Rapids is great, there is so much to see outside it is wonderful! 

What what you say Grand Rapid is known for. 
I would guess Grand Rapids is known for their arts. We are a very up and coming city and I think that is because the love for art. There are so many different fairs and events through the year for every kind of art. The largest thing they host is called Art Prize, they basically set up an art museum all over downtown Grand Rapids, anyone can enter something in the contest and then the people who go can vote for whichever they like. It is awesome! 

Where would you find the best hot chocolate/coffee/tea? 
Starbucks...I know everyone has starbucks but I am a hard core fan, its my favorite :) 

What is your favorite thing about living in your town?
My favorite thing about my town is that it takes no more than 15 minutes to get anywhere and it is always lively but in a small town sort of way. I do not like the bigness of New York but I do like a city so Grand Rapids is great for me because it feels like a big downtown with the tall buildings and the hustle and bustle but on a much smaller scale than New York!

What is one thing you would change about your town?
I would have more to do in the winter. It gets a little boring! 

If you had house guests where would you take them or what would you do?
I would take them downtown for sure.

Favorite restaurant? 
Rockwells Republic. If you go get the edamame, their guacamole, and the fruit sangria!  

What do you do for fun.
I like to take pictures, go bowling, and walk around in the small towns that surround Grand Rapids

What is your favorite date activity? 
Dinner at Dar Divani, it is a wine bar. Super cozy and relaxed. They have all different kinds of beer and wine that they teach you about. And they have amazing food!! 

Favorite holiday tradition? 
Cutting down a Christmas tree

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