Friday Night Date

dear husband,

no pictures documented our fantastic evening on Friday. We went to Trader Joe’s together and then you took me to our favorite consignment shop. And even though you don’t like shopping of any kind, you went and made it so much fun. The best times with you are the ones that are unplanned and a little spontaneous. Where we wonder around and have no time constraints. We wondered Trader Joe’s picking up everything that sounded or looked yummy. We ended up with a basket full by the time we were done. The consignment store went the same way. Beside I found a couple more items than you. Sorry about that. Then we went to our all time favorite dinner location. Pooja. We ordered are usual and actually ate in the restaurant (we usually do take home).  I loved how you talked on and on about our crazy book idea (we will accomplish that one day). You made me laugh.. really hard! Nothing else mattered that evening. When we got home, you should have been starting on some schoolwork, but instead you cuddled with Shento and me on the couch. I loved everything about Friday night. And I want to remember it forever.

 i love you 


It's a Dreary Day in the Neighborhood

The clouds broke for about 10 minutes this morning. 
Just enough time for Shento and I to take a walk around our neighborhood. 
However, it was not enough time for us to make it back home without getting completely soaked by the abrupt downpour. We finally got inside the house and both looked at each other, water dripping from our ears and forehead. I think Shento knew how soaked we both were and he was laughing just as much as I was. He has been cuddly ever since. Beside when it thunders.. at which point you will find him in the bathtub..  
shaking uncontrollably.  


Let The Next Chapter Unfold

The whole grad school she-bang started back 4 years ago when the hubby (at that time fiancé) was trying to apply to grad school while in China. I (being the loving fiancé) ended up dealing with all the paper work and follow up phone calls. A couple months after the hubs returned from China he received a letter of acceptance to Rutgers University. I ordered Rutgers shirts, decorated the apartment with lots of black and red balloons, and made a celebration dinner. At that moment we had know idea what we really were getting ourselves into. A couple of months later - after our wedding, honeymoon and spending lots of time with family, we packed up our car and took one big giant leap to the East Coast. I remember being carefree and enjoying the journey. I never thought about how we were going to make it financially or when I was going to get a job. I just trusted that everything would fall into place, and it did.

One of my favorite memories that I have is when we first pulled into our parking spot in front of our house. Things started to sink in and become real at that moment. After calling our neighbor to let us in we toured the whole house. We walked into our new bedroom and I sat on the window seat and looked at Bear and started crying. He looked at me and held me tight and told me that as long as we have each other we would be okay.

And those words have never been truer. Almost three years have passed and we have experienced the ups and downs of grad school, jobs, the east coast attitude, and living away from family. We have had so many awesome adventures and have been able to visit some great places. As we close this chapter of our lives and start planning our move back to my home state, I am feeling so many mixed emotions. I am so excited what the next couple years will bring and thrilled to be back home among family. But I am a little sad about moving away from our house and the way of life here on the east (I never thought I would say that). The hubby and I don’t know where the next 5 years will take us. But as long as we have each other we will be just fine. 


Fun PhotoShoot

I had such a fun photo-shoot yesterday. Go take a look ----------------->


Lovers Day Consisted Of....

Baking these scrumptious chocolate chip brownie cookies. Recipe found here!

Enjoying some quality cuddle time with my handsome Hubby!

And receiving this lovely gift, not to mention the most romantic card that came with it. 
I am one lucky girl.

French Town

French Town, NJ. 
We have been saying for a while that we wanted to visit, and so this weekend we took advantage of the above freezing temperatures and took a drive. 
The town sits right on the Delaware River and is a well known area during the summer 
for camping and canoeing. 
It has multiple shops, cafes, a canoe rental place, and a bed and breakfast.  
It was a lot of fun walking around taking pictures and hanging out with hubby. 


Lovers Day!!

It’s late here on the East Coast and I can’t sleep. Bear and I had a fun day. We stuck with our promise and went and visited a place we had never been. I will tell you more about our adventure later (with pictures), promise. Can you believe that it is Valentine’s Day? This year Bear and I re-named the holiday to Lovers Day. I have never been a huge fan of V-day and the name always turned me off, so we thought if we re-named it we would be more likely to enjoy it. I have kind of gotten into the spirit a little bit more. No decorations up in our house, but I will be making Bear’s favorite dinner and I do have a couple more surprises up my sleeve.
I am glad this past week is over… it was a rough one. We have a lot going on in our household and it is causing a stress cloud. Though, we might have seen a hint of sun today. Bear and I had a wonderful evening together. It was so great I have to blog about it! We did nothing special. Watched some Law and Order and went and laid in bed. I gave Bear a little back tickle and we kissed. I love him so much, and sometimes (for a short time) I forget how much he means to me. He is my everything. Knowing that he is by my side makes all the stress seem not so stressful. Happy Lovers Day to my Lover!! 


Please Forgive Me....

For my absence.. I have been pre-occupied with reading the 400 page manual that came with beauty. 




Things are good. As of right now I am sitting here drinking my pumpkin spice hot chocolate (soo good if I might add) and Bear is upstairs trying to finish up some book review for class tomorrow. I was really hoping he would get on g-chat so that I could write funny comments to him while he is trying to focus, but he is not signing on.

We have been stuck in the house for the past two days due the freezing temperature. The freezing rain is supposed to start tonight which will be followed by snow and more rain and is believed to continue throughout the day tomorrow. The newscasters have predicted it to be ‘awful’. Yes, those are the exact words that flashed on the screen when showing us the weather for tomorrow.
Bear and I ran up and down our stairs tonight to let Shento chase us. We thought it might get some of his energy out. I don’t know how well it worked. Though, I am sure our neighbor thought some type of war was going on at our house. 

I am really hoping that school gets cancelled for Bear tomorrow and we can stay in our pj’s and watch law and order SVU all day long. We got net-flicks a couple weeks ago and we are slightly addicted. I will put all the blame of our addiction to the cold terrible winter we have been having. We have a bad habit of watching 3, maybe 4 episodes of Law and Order at once. It is so addicting we can’t turn it off. I told Bear the other night that we needed some happy TV in our lives. But when it came down to it we just could not resist the temptation that Law and Order brings to us. On to feed the addiction.. Bear is patiently waiting to hit play.