Things are good. As of right now I am sitting here drinking my pumpkin spice hot chocolate (soo good if I might add) and Bear is upstairs trying to finish up some book review for class tomorrow. I was really hoping he would get on g-chat so that I could write funny comments to him while he is trying to focus, but he is not signing on.

We have been stuck in the house for the past two days due the freezing temperature. The freezing rain is supposed to start tonight which will be followed by snow and more rain and is believed to continue throughout the day tomorrow. The newscasters have predicted it to be ‘awful’. Yes, those are the exact words that flashed on the screen when showing us the weather for tomorrow.
Bear and I ran up and down our stairs tonight to let Shento chase us. We thought it might get some of his energy out. I don’t know how well it worked. Though, I am sure our neighbor thought some type of war was going on at our house. 

I am really hoping that school gets cancelled for Bear tomorrow and we can stay in our pj’s and watch law and order SVU all day long. We got net-flicks a couple weeks ago and we are slightly addicted. I will put all the blame of our addiction to the cold terrible winter we have been having. We have a bad habit of watching 3, maybe 4 episodes of Law and Order at once. It is so addicting we can’t turn it off. I told Bear the other night that we needed some happy TV in our lives. But when it came down to it we just could not resist the temptation that Law and Order brings to us. On to feed the addiction.. Bear is patiently waiting to hit play. 

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