It's snowy and I'm bored so I will update my blog

It's been cold and snowy here for the past couple days. The snow has quickly turned to ice making it utterly impossible to venture outside. So being stuck in the house catching up on our favorite TV shows and watching an absurd amount of the Olympics, go team U.S.A, has been what we've been up to. Over the weekend I got a little bored and organized our pictures from the past couple months. One of my New Year's resolutions is to start a monthly journal/scrapbook with pictures from things we did that month. Going through pictures always brings up memories that have been tucked away and forgotten about. As I scrolled through our pictures, I remembered conversations that Bear and I had about the future and what life would be like back in New Jersey, I remembered how excited Shento was when I brought him to the beach for the first time since we moved back and I remember what it felt like to start running for the first time in my life. With each picture I remember different smells and sensations, almost like I went back in time for a moment.

I don't know why going through images on my computer screen made me want to start this blog up again, but it did. I have a lot to update and I will do my best to get through it.



Fromm Girl said...

ya! Keep posting! :)

Mom said...

I sure do miss your postings and wonderful pictures. Looking forward to seeing it each month. Love you, Mom

susan said...

I agree with your Mom!