did you watch....?

With the rest of the world as Kate and William said I do. My neighbor and I snuggled up in our blankets, ate cranberry lemon scones, and drank tea as we watched the royal wedding take place (at 4:30 this morning). To some, it may be overrated, and a bit of an overload on the media coverage. But to me, it was an exciting event to watch as all the details unfold from this historic wedding.  

P.S I thought Kate looked stunning and elegant in her Sarah Burton wedding dress.

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USA Print

Love this USA print designed by Haley. 

How accurate is each state’s one-line motto? I think they are pretty correct.  



4 shows I watch: 

Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, 30 Rock, and Law and Order SVU

4 things I'm passionate about: 

Art in Education

4 phrases I say a lot: 

Humm… i don’t think that I have any amazing catch phrases? 

4 things I've learned from the past: 

Things never go the way they are planned, and that is okay.
Nothing is a crisis.
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Take advice, but make your own decisions.

4 places I'd like to go: 
Backpacking through Europe

4 things I did yesterday: 

Edited some really adorable newborn pictures.
Ate lunch with Bear under a tree.
Hung out with our neighbors.
Made a yummy dinner for Bear and I.

4 things I'm looking forward to:

Experiencing parenthood with Bear.
Watching Bear grow and continue becoming an amazing professor.
Moving closer to our families.
Developing my photography business.

4 things I love about summer: 

Sitting outside in the evening
 Having the windows open and feeling the fresh air.

4 things on my wish list:

Making my business a profitable company.
Bear getting a good job in a town that we will enjoy.
Making healthy babies.
Being able to design/remodel a house. 

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed

The moment my feet hit the hardwood floor I was annoyed. What I was annoyed with, that was the unknown question. I tried talking myself out of this unpleasant attitude. However, every step I made the day seemed to be turning more and more against me. I stubbed my toe as I was walking into the kitchen to get my morning joe, I cut my thumb while cutting my breakfast bagel, I choked on my bagel until tears were coming down my face, and at that point it was not even 9:30 in the morning. It was already predetermined that my day was not going to be a glorious one. The streak of accidents and clumsiness throughout the day led to a burnt hand, a broken plate, starvation (because I did not pack a lunch), and loads of frustration.

Finally, the day ended. I was still annoyed by the time I crawled back into bed. However, the source of the annoyance was still unknown.
I woke up this morning with a slightly better attitude (huge emphasis on slightly), at least I did not have multiple accidents before 9 am. I decided that I needed to relax and have a ‘me’ day.  I thought that might just do the trick into chasing away my distasteful mood.
I ran to the store and bought Bossypaints by Tina Fey. I hurried home, got myself some water, and went to go sit outside in the beautiful sunshine. I sat, read, and was hysterically laughing for 10 minutes. If you want to laugh until your insides hurt, go out and buy her book. It’s relatable, funny, and very accurate about life’s issues.
In any case, as I was laughing I was unaware of the humongous black cloud that doomed over me. The sun managed to go into hiding and the sky turned dark. Within minutes it started raining. My perfect, sitting outside day just turned for the worst. I started laughing.

I took this time, thanks to the rain, to work on my never-ending to-do list. Crossing things off slowly relieved something inside of me. The bad mood gradually drifted away. It was wonderful. I started singing around the house, secretively wishing that I were part of glee (I am pretty sure I am somewhat tone deaf).

It is now evening time and the house is quite. Bear is out doing school stuff. I am missing him and hoping that he will come walking through our door any minute. It did eventually clear up and turned into a beautiful evening that I am fully enjoying by sitting outside. 

Onto the better half of the week .


Easter Sunday

We spent Easter Sunday at Rutgers Gardens. It has become a tradition since moving to New Jersey. Every year we have gone at least for a walk around the gardens. Looking at all the beautiful blooming trees and flowers. This year was no different, besides we went spent the entire day relaxing and enjoying the beautiful 80 degrees weather.


The last of their trip

While my parents were in town we spent a day in New York City. And although it started raining just minutes after we arrived (and it never let up), we had such a fun time showing them all over. I think the rain made it more fun (and a lot more funny). My Mom had to buy a poncho to stay warm and dry, Bear was dripping with water from head to toe; he was the only smart one to wear a rain jacket, and my Dad and I were like Mary Poppins with our umbrella's swaying in the air. 

We walked through Time Square, went into St. Patricks Cathedral and Grand Central Station. We showed them Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero, and SoHo.  We stuffed ourselves with Lombardi's famous pizza pie and frozen hot chocolate dessert from Serendipity.

As the day went on we continued to get rained on. It was raining so hard that even our umbrellas weren't doing much good. We quickly walked through Central Park and around FAO Schwarz toy store. Shortly after, we called it a day. Making our way back to the train station proved to be pretty comical. It was rush hour. Everyone had umbrellas. Puddles were ankle deep and everyone was trying to get a taxi. We walked, getting more and more soaked with every step. We caught the train just in time. We all looked like we had just stepped out of the shower by the time the day was over. 

The next day we took a walk around Rutgers Gardens, walked around the Stadium, and enjoyed my parents company. Thank you for all the wonderful meals that you cooked (and bought) for us. We loved having you guys visit us.


New Hope and the Jersey Shore

While my parents were in town we headed to New Hope, Pennsylvania. One of our favorite places to go spend a day. The town is filled with small antique shops, streets lined with cherry blossoms, and the Delaware River runs right in the middle. Sounds like the perfect little town.

We shopped, ate lunch on a cute garden porch, and wondered about town. It was a perfect day. 


They also experienced the Jersey Shore.


My, how we love the shore in the winter. Especially when it is cold and windy. 
That is the only time that no one is on the beach, making it a more relaxing atmosphere. 
However, when I brought my parents it was suppose to be warm. Notice we are all in shorts or skirts. 
This is because the weather was 80' and sunny at home. Not at the beach. My poor Dad looks like he might freeze to death. We quickly walked along the shore, let Shento play in the water, and found a warm restaurant. Well, finding the restaurant was not all that quick. Although the weather did not work out the way we had hoped, we had a good time anyways. 

their trip started with...

One thing that I love about New Jersey is all of the fun old nostalgic diners. The local Skylark Diner is our favorite. I love the brightly colored tiles, retro style lights, and vintage New Jersey posters hanging on the wall.

While my parents were in town we had to introduce them to a true New Jersey diner. So we all headed to this retro style delight that is Skylark. I particularly love that they have freshly squeezed orange juice, and the Eggs Benedict is scrumptious. And my parents, they had mentioned that they wanted to go back, but unfortunately we ran out of time.

Next up, showing them the town of Princeton and the all of the old beautiful buildings that are throughout the University. 

This building reminds us of the Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter, it has a very magical feeling to it.  



Changes are coming to our blog in the next couple weeks...
I am in the works of redesigning and reorganizing everything.
I got bored with the way our blog looked, and with our readership increasing,
I figured it is time for an update.
I want anyone who reads our blog to know that we love that you are reading about our adventures.
Also, I received an email asking me if it was okay to follow our blog. Yes, absolutely... feel free to follow, we love people following it! I have actually added a follow bar at the bottom right hand side to make it easy. Lastly, please don't be afraid to comment. I would love to know who reads our blog.
Thanks and goodnight.


family came to visit

I apologize for my blogging absence.. My parents were in town this past week visiting us and our week agenda was packed full. We went site seeing, explored NYC, dug our toes in the Jersey Shore, and visited all our favorite local eateries. We had such a wonderful time being with them and showing them all around.  More to come. 


you have my heart

Dear Bear,
Thank you for you kindness, your patience, your laughter, your awesome handyman skills, and all your hardwork. I am completely smitten over you.

                                                                  love, me

P.S Bear has a huge thing for school coming up on Wednesday. I know that he is going to do awesome, but it would make him feel extra special if any of you (family and friends) text him with some encouraging words.   Thanks :)


a little frozen yogurt before bed is the best

caught Bear off guard eating his treat. love that face!


spring brings smiles

I love watching all the new growth come up during Spring time. The cherry blossoms have a hint of pink on them. In a week they will be brightly covered in pink and red blossoms lining our street. You can't help but feel happy. Everyday our bushes in the back yard get more and more small yellow buds on them, and the birds are out at our bird feeder chirping away. I watch them from my kitchen window. 
This past weekend I planted some flowers to brighten up our backyard and we had our first BBQ of the season. Spring is officially here, and I am smiling about that! 


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