Changes are coming to our blog in the next couple weeks...
I am in the works of redesigning and reorganizing everything.
I got bored with the way our blog looked, and with our readership increasing,
I figured it is time for an update.
I want anyone who reads our blog to know that we love that you are reading about our adventures.
Also, I received an email asking me if it was okay to follow our blog. Yes, absolutely... feel free to follow, we love people following it! I have actually added a follow bar at the bottom right hand side to make it easy. Lastly, please don't be afraid to comment. I would love to know who reads our blog.
Thanks and goodnight.


The Allen Family said...

I read! :) I always tell Bryan that I think you look like you just stepped out of a magazine. You're always so well dressed and look so fashionable! :)

PS - Remember that one time that Whitney drove your car over a curb in Vegas? Haha. XOXO!

The Brooks Family said...

You are too cute. How are you and your little family doing?
I miss those crazy times that we had. Somehow we always ended up hysterically laughing by the end of the night. Great memories

whitney mack said...

i didn't see the curb till we were over it! anyways, katrina, call me, i need your help with my blog!