Papa came to town

My Papa, Bear, and myself all took a day trip into Salt Lake City to go to the Utah Natural History Museum, out to lunch, and walk around downtown. We had such a great time. It was so much fun being able to spend that time with my Papa. 



The next day while my Papa was in town we all (minus Bear. He went for a mountain bike ride) went up to the canyons resort and had lunch. It was fun being able to ride the lift up and walk around the resort without any snow. We even got to play a little game of horse shoes. The weather was great, the food was good, and the company was wonderful.  

And lastly, this picture was taken on my Papas birthday. Probably one of my favorite pictures ever taken.

Logan Canyon


Beehive Adventure: Day 31

Bear had to go up to Logan for some interviews on Sunday and Tuesday so we thought we might as well make a trip out of it and go camping  We arrived to Logan on Sunday and drove up Logan Canyon to pick out our camp site and put up our tent. We had never been up to Logan Canyon and we were pleasantly surprised when we only had to drive 6 miles outside of town to find a beautiful area to camp. After setting up camp we went back into town for Bear to do his interviews (hence, the blog with pictures from Logan) and I enjoyed exploring the town. We later headed back up to camp, we took our rain flap off the tent and enjoyed falling to sleep watching all the stars. The next day we took a hike, read our books, and relaxed. We made a fire and cooked our tinfoil dinners and roasted marshmallows. We enjoyed the fire long into the night while we talked and enjoyed each others company. It was such a great little getaway.


Sitting in Silence

We have turned the radio off and are sitting here in silence. After awhile the songs start to blend together and eventually it gets annoying. We have a couple more hours here on this highway. Bear and I make good traveling partners. We only get on each others nerves a little bit. It has been a really fun part of our relationship, this is the 5th time we have traveled across the country together. My favorite part about these trips are our talks. We have had some of thw most intimate talks while in a car. This trip we have talked about family and how much we miss them. We talked about school and what it will be like when Bear gets a "real" job, and we talked a lot about our likes and dislikes in life. For example; i love the laid back atmospher you have in utah and for Bear, he dislikes the feeling of having to prove something while being a student. We compare scenery from state to state and enjoy singing together when a song we like comes on the radio. I am thankful for these long rides.

Last day of trip

Although we're still twelve hours away, we're on the home stretch of our cross country trip back to NJ. From here on out the scenery gets duller, roads bumpier, and attitudes stinkier. Nowhere else, however, can you go through such a contrast in demographic and personality characteristics as that from the bible belt into the east coast. Passed a 250 ft cross a few hours ago, and just saw our first NJ plate clad car. Oy ve...


Ridgway, CO

This is the view we woke up to this morning. Simply Amazing.


Until we meet again

We said our goodbyes to Utah as we crossed the state line. We actually thought about turning aroud. Utah and I have a hard time parting. But as of right now we are still headed east and will be doing so for the next 1759 miles.

We are on the road, in Price to be exact. I am writing this from the hubs awesome new phone. Something that will keep me entertained on this car ride. I still have a lot of stories and pictures to post from the last little bit of our trip. I will do that soon. We are sad to say that today is our last day in Utah. The Beehive adventure has come to an end. We had such a wonderful time. Thank you to my parents for letting us be basement squaters for the past five weeks.


Afternoon Tea

My Mom and I went out for afternoon tea at the Grand America Hotel. What a beautiful place. The decorations and chandlers hanging in all the great rooms are spectacular. And the courtyard is so fun to walk around because it is filled with flowers, shrubs, and water fountains. The tea was elegant and reminded me of a traditional afternoon english tea. My Mom and I chatted and enjoyed each others company while listening to the harp play in the background. We also enjoyed sandwiches and a wonderful array of pastries. It was so much fun spending the afternoon with my Mom drinking our tea and just being with her.



sweet tooth fun

I realize that my blogging has not been as up to date as I would like it. However, we have been so busy hiking, camping, and having a great time with family that I am going to say it's okay that I am quite behind in posting pictures and stories of our adventures that we have been having here in Utah. I will get up to date soon... Promise. 

Beehive Adventure: Day 24

My two favorite things.. cupcakes and my hubby (isn't he just handsome).
Day 24 consisted of random fun. The hubby and I took a trip into salt lake. Not knowing where it would take us, we ended up driving all around sugarhouse looking at all the old houses and neighborhoods. We stopped at a bookstore and moseyed around there together, hand in hand. We made our way up to salt lake and stopped at one of my favorite bakery/sandwich shops for some sweet treats and coffee. Our last stop had to be to the sweet tooth fairy in foothill. We got some of my favorite cupcakes to take home.


Utah Olympic Park


Shooting Star

After a day of being at the lake, we headed to the Shooting Star Saloon for some drinks and hamburgers. This little saloon has a lot of history and is even in the 100 places to see before you die!!