Sitting in Silence

We have turned the radio off and are sitting here in silence. After awhile the songs start to blend together and eventually it gets annoying. We have a couple more hours here on this highway. Bear and I make good traveling partners. We only get on each others nerves a little bit. It has been a really fun part of our relationship, this is the 5th time we have traveled across the country together. My favorite part about these trips are our talks. We have had some of thw most intimate talks while in a car. This trip we have talked about family and how much we miss them. We talked about school and what it will be like when Bear gets a "real" job, and we talked a lot about our likes and dislikes in life. For example; i love the laid back atmospher you have in utah and for Bear, he dislikes the feeling of having to prove something while being a student. We compare scenery from state to state and enjoy singing together when a song we like comes on the radio. I am thankful for these long rides.

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