The Infamous Stringdusters

Remember how i'm still catching up on all of our fun activities that we have done in the past couple months...  In February us and some friends ventured to Park City to watch the Infamous Stringdusters. The concert was incredible. Bear and I have seen them perform a couple times and every time we see them they get better and better. 

Check them out here http://www.thestringdusters.com. 


a really fun person came to town

Back in February, we had our best friend Ryan come to visit. Bear and Ryan go way back, and their friendship is more of a sibling bond than anything. I love watching the two of them together. They are goofy, they bicker, and at any moment they could turn a normal conversation into a serious academic argument. 

Ryan was in town for four days and we tried to pack as many activities as we could. We also wanted to give him the true Utah experience... Shooting, bull riding, and BYU (art museum). 

Walking in the Snow

I know that I don’t want to think of snow… but I do want to remember this afternoon stroll with my two favorites.

This winter was long, dark, and seemed extra gloomy. Bear and I got bored of reading books and playing games together inside, and for some reason on this particular day, our normal river walk didn’t seem good enough.  We ventured out to Hobble Creek, a beautiful area with lot of trees and a small river rounding through the walk path.  But on this day we didn’t calculate how much snow had accumulated and that the area doesn’t get much sunshine.

The snow hit our knees as we tried to walk. Shento had to continuously leap just to stay on top of the snow. It was humorous. We only walked a short distance, probably because we didn’t have snowshoes on and walking in 4 feet deep snow is rather hard. But that short distance, laughing together about our silly adventures was just what that winter day needed.  

Happy Monday and I'm doing this again

Let me be honest, in the last little while blogging has taken a back burner to everything else that was happening in my life.  Holding a full time job that requires a lot of computer time made it difficult to want to come home and spend more time glaring in front of a computer screen.  I also stopped wanting to have anything to do with pictures and photography because I lost everything on my external hard drive, it still makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about it. 

I had a serious loss of desire to do anything computer/blog/photography related. I didn’t even pick up my camera for an entire 6 months.  And even now, I am still struggling to find that passion for photography. I realized that when the passion is gone the entire motivation and rewarding feeling drifts away as well.

Anyways, the whole point to this long drawn out story is that I am slowly getting back into blogging and photography. And I’m feeling pretty excited about it. 
So let’s get blogging.

> > > if you or someone you know would be interested in a lifestyle photography shoot, please email me at katrinanbrooks@hotmail.com. 
You must be located in Utah. 
Thanks a bunch friends.