Eden, Utah {around your town}

hello there. i am Talia, Derek is my husband, who happens to be my best friend, who happens to be the best part of my life. my blog is about us two hooligans and our life since we tied the knot, but today i am talking about my hometown Eden, Utah!

How long have you lived in Eden, Utah?
I lived in Eden for 3 years but recently moved around the mountain to Ogden with my husband. My parents still live in Eden so we visit all the time!

What was your favorite thing about living there?
Being surrounded by beautiful mountains and a lake. It provides for endless adventures.

Can you give us a little bit of history or background information about Eden?
I don't know much other than it was originally called North Fork Town and after some families moving up there and had the town established they thought Eden was more suiting, which i agree with completely.

If I was coming for a day trip, what should I do or see?
For summer then going on a Safari at Powder Mountain! They have these huge rock-crawlers-'Powzilla' or 'Ski-Rex', that drive all around the resort to the most beautiful lookouts. I love to ride to Hidden Lake and play on the rope swing :)

If it were in the winter then i would definitely recommend snowboarding at Powder Mountain! It lives up to its name and has 100% mother nature made snow. (no artificially made icy 'snow'!) not to mention i love there advertising (herehere and here are just a few of my favs) to keep it a 'secret' spot.

Favorite Restaurant? What is the best thing on the menu?
Carlos and Harley's- street tacos or nachos!

If you have to plan a date night, what would you do?
I would rent a tandem bike from Diamond Peak, (its only $20 for the day) and pack a picnic lunch, or pick up some sandwiches next door from Mad Moose Cafe. You can ride straight from Diamond Peak store to the North Arm Trail that wraps around Pineview Lake. It is a one mile loop with wild flowers all around. We have seen some pretty cool birds and even a few Moose from the trail. (My husband and I did this when we made our Stop Motion movie for our wedding.) After the sun sets I love to walk along the Wolf Creek Golf Course. You can bring a blanket and look at the stars! On a clear night you can see dozens of shooting stars. 

Best place to grab lunch for under $7 a person?
Mad Moose Cafe. They have the best paninis and Ogden's Famous Farr's Ice Cream!

Favorite shopping spot?
Dottie Becks has some real treasures! It is right in the heart of old town Eden, by the original General Store. They sell handmade items as well as unique home decor, accessories, for adults and kids. I love that everytime i go in they have different gems.


Are there any festivals or annual activities that you would recommend?

My favorite is the Balloon Festival! They launch in this big open field , that also has the cutest teepee,  at sunrise. They are so colorful it just makes me happy to see all of those bright spots in the sky. Then after sunset they light them up again and hover as they glow in the night sky. It is one of the coolest things to witness! 

If you want to get more information or fun ideas of things to do in Edengo check out Talia's blog. If you look at her sidebar you will see a label 'eden' that links to any post that she has written about Eden. It's a great tool. Thank you Talia for posting all this great information. I look forward to taking a day trip to Eden.

If you are interested in writing about your town, please email me at katrinanbrooks@hotmail.com 


Gaby said...

utah is such a beautiful state! i went there once years ago and i've been dying to go back ever since :)

Talia Jensen said...

thanks again Katrina!

Laurie said...

i just love talia and her blog!