Bear and I got our picnic basket out filled it with yummy treats, a frisbee, and some books and headed to the local park. We laid in the sun for most of the day napping and chatting with each other. It was the most relaxing day that I have had in a long time.

Later that evening we decided to go act like kids and hang out at the arcade. We played games, competed with each other at basketball, and won army men and a big diamond ring. It was so fun to be carefree, silly, and laugh with each other. And to top it off, we ate at in-and-out and got dessert at rocky mountain chocolate factory. It was a perfect evening.

I was too busy relaxing and hanging out to take many pictures.  


Hiking to the Y


A couple weekends ago the weather was beautiful, we decided that a hike to the Y was on the agenda. If you are from Utah, you know what I am talking about. For everyone else, there is a humongous Y on the side of the mountain right behind our house. The Y stands for the local University, Brigham Young (BYU).

The Y seems so close, an easy hike I thought. Boy was I wrong? It was hard, uphill with switch-backs. I couldn’t wait to be done. But to be honestonce I made it to the top and saw the viewI felt so accomplished. It was perfectAnd it was a lot of fun to see where we lived in comparison to all of Utah County.  

It also made me realize that I need to get my little fanny to the gym and work out.  


an adventure with a camera in hand

Last Friday we went on an adventure to the Utah lake wetlands. It really felt like an adventure, we       were tramping through long grass, listening to birds chirp, and watching the wind blow the dark clouds around in the sky.

I took my camera, and Bear took his binoculars. I tried capturing the scene the way that I was watched it play out.  The wind making the plants and trees ruffle. Bear so intensely watching something in the distance.  The dark clouds rolling in from behind the mountains. I felt like a little kid in a make believe world.  An adventure that Bear and I were on together. Trampling through the jungle of Provo Lake. 


first day of spring

spring has sprung here in utah and i love it. all of the flowers and trees are starting to bloom, and the weather warmed back up today. this time of year is the best for family walks. we took a walk this morning and found this little tree in our neighbor's yard. the flowers are just starting to bloom and they are beautiful.  it reminded us of New Jersey and all of the cherry blossoms that brought color after the long dull winter.
Spring is the best on the east coast. but we are looking forward to experiencing spring time here in Utah, and of course going on lots more family walks.

we needed some brightening up done to our living room, so i stopped by the craft store tonight and picked up that lovely fabric. i am excited to see what i come up with. i am thinking a pillow. that would look nice on our plan couch.

Happy Spring!



i found this four-leaf clover while we were on a walk yesterday.  
what a coincidence that today is st. patty's day. 
i hope this means that i will have good luck for the rest of the year. 


the early morning

this morning I woke up refreshed and ready to go. 
I had so much energy... at 5:30 in the morning. 
Something is wrong with this picture.
I didn't even know what to do with myself. 
The house was quiet and the moon was still shinning brightly in the mid sky. 
I laid in bed and watched the crescent moon. It lit up our back yard, it was beautiful. 
After about five minutes of just pondering, shento realized I was awake, 
he quickly came over to get a morning belly rub. One of his favorite things! 

It is suppose to be another beautiful day. 
We are going to soak up the sun as much as we can. 
The first picnic of the season might be on our agenda. and a trip to Antelope Island to hike around. 
tomorrow is St. Patty's Day. We will be wearing green and doing an irish jig. Will you?
I hope I get to eat lots of corn beef and cabbage. 
 it's one of my favorite meals, and i only eat it once a year! 

Have a glorious weekend, my friends. I leave you with some pretty pictures. 

One day, Bear and I want to buy a piece of land far up in the mountains and build the small cozy cabin on it. 
This picture reminds me of the dream. 

This makes me miss New Jersey, and the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom this time of year. 

Source unknown



happy week

Hello. So far this week has been lovely. I think the warm weather has given me an extra jump in my step. We have been sleeping with the windows open and waking up to the refreshing morning air. We also got a new bed; it's big, comfy, and spectacular.  Secretly, I get excited about going to bed at night just so I can lay in the comfort of my new big white cloud. 

In other news, I am having a love/hate relationship with my computer right now. 
My external hard drive crashed over the weekend and every single picture I have ever taken is on it. That kind of makes me sad, sick, frustrated, and annoyed. but mostly mad at myself for not backing all my pictures to CD's. if you are reading this and you don't have at least two places where you store your data… change that and save your stuff in multiple places. send good thoughts my way because I am hoping that I will be able to recover everything. 

Besides the freak out about my hard drive, life has been really good for us. and although we seem to miss New Jersey more than we ever thought we would, Utah is not so bad. We have a great neighborhood, lots of fun outdoor activities, and some yummy restaurants close by.  

Now that the weather has warmed up, the tulips are slowly coming up from the soil. This feels like a new year. Bear and I are the new growth.  this weekend we talked a lot. made plans and got excited about what the future holds for us.  This is our time to shine, and I couldn't be happier about it. 

Until then, have a happy week! 

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hello weekend

Boy, am i glad it's Saturday. 
The sun is shinning brightly this morning.
It has turned out to be a perfect day for a hike and picnic. 

Happy Saturday Everyone. I hope the sun is shinning wherever you are. 

image found here 


it was the perfect weekend

Dear weekend, you were spectacular. I never wanted you to end. Bear and I were able to hang out with friends, relax and enjoy each other, uninterrupted for an entire day.
Dear thanksgiving point, thank you for entertaining Bear and I on Saturday. You kept us laughing with your diagraph of how farms work, you brought back lot of fun memories, and you created the perfect setting for a romantic kiss in your indoor garden.

Dear Kia, thank you for fixing my car and not laughing at me when I fell on my face in your shop.

Dear sunshine, I wish you would stick around a little longer. Shento and I really enjoyed you.

Dear McDonalds, sometimes you are exactly what I need. 


a couple photos from our week with Ryan

One of the hardest things about moving to Utah has been that we have not been able to see our friends as often. Most of them live in the D.C area, and were easily accessible when we lived in NJ. 

Secretively, we hope that they all take their vacations to Utah. We can offer great skiing! 
When Ryan called us up to inform us that he would be coming to visit,
 both Bear and I counted down the weeks, days, and then hours. 
We were super excited! 

The time went by quickly, but we had a wonderful week with Ryan. 
It was filled with great conversations, good food, amazing skiing (done by Bear and Ryan), 
and nice weather. We could not of asked for better. 
Thank you Ryan for taking the time out of your busy life to come visit us. 
We needed a little time with our best friend. 


a walk around downtown

Today has been an absolutely beautiful warm day. Shento and I decided to take full advantage of this spring like day and explore Provo on foot (and paws). I think we covered most of the down-town area and a couple little neighborhoods by our house. It always amazes me how different things look when you are walking instead of driving. I think you miss so much when you sit in your inclosed vehicle.

Today made me excited for spring. I can only image all the family walks that we will be going on once the stays warm. Next time, hopefully Bear can join us (he was busy with some school things).