an adventure with a camera in hand

Last Friday we went on an adventure to the Utah lake wetlands. It really felt like an adventure, we       were tramping through long grass, listening to birds chirp, and watching the wind blow the dark clouds around in the sky.

I took my camera, and Bear took his binoculars. I tried capturing the scene the way that I was watched it play out.  The wind making the plants and trees ruffle. Bear so intensely watching something in the distance.  The dark clouds rolling in from behind the mountains. I felt like a little kid in a make believe world.  An adventure that Bear and I were on together. Trampling through the jungle of Provo Lake. 


Leila said...

Beautiful photographs! What camera do you use?

Eden Marie said...

Your photos are beautiful! :) You are very talented! Love your blog.

xo Eden

Danielle said...

love your shoes!