I guess it comes with being married,

Bear and I have been married for 8 months and six days exactly. These past months have been very exciting for us, as we ventured to the east coast and started calling New Jersey home. Who knows what the next 8 months have in store for us but whatever it may be I are ready and knowing that I have Bear by my side makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. This move and lifestyle change has really impacted our relationship for the better. Bear has always been my best friend but recently he has become my bestest friend in the whole world. I see our relationship growing each day and it brings such a huge smile to my face. The bond that we have created is something that I never thought was possible with two human beings.


Valentines Day

I am a Lucky Girl

Valentines Day is just another day and the fact that on just that day you are suppose to be romantic and cute has never been something that I have been very fond of. Bear and I had agreed that this year we were not going to do anything special and just enjoy the day together. Was I in for a BIG surprise. 

I woke up to a decorated kitchen with beautiful flowers and candles neatly arranged in a heart shape. 

Blueberry pancakes made by the one and only chef hubby. 

An agenda filled with a full day of surprises. 

1st Surprise 
Ice Skating outside

2nd Surprise
A fun lunch 

3rd Surprise 
Bear brought me to a spa to get a massage 

4th Surprise 
A wonderful dinner made by Bear that consisted of: Shrimp scampi and pancetta fennel salad

5th Surprise 
Laughing and talking by our fire place


And last but not least..... I did do something for Bear. I bought him a bear statue and a bag of skittles, hidden in the skittles was 100 reasons why I love Bear. I had tied a balloon to it and put it outside in front of our window for Bear to discover.  

Out with the old, in with the new.

A couple weeks ago I got a wild hair to re-design our extra bedroom/bears office.  On my way home from work I spotted ace hardware. On a whim i pulled into the parking lot, walked in, and realized I new nothing about paint. What does high gloss, flat, and satin mean? All I wanted was grey paint that would go on my wall. The nice workers at ace hardware realized that I was unsure and guided me through the process of buying paint. Stormy grey was the color and I was headed home to try to convince the hubby that this was a GREAT idea. He knew something was up when I walked in the house with a bucket of paint and some brushes but after a little sweet talking he was onboard and even offered to help (what a good husband I have. He supports me though all my crazy ideas). Now that I got my paint and Bear was supporting this ideas I was on my way of creating a functional yet vintage design that both Bear and I could enjoy (along with all of our guest that come and visit). 

I am sorry that we don't have any good pictures. I guess that means you will have to come visit to see the room yourself :) 


I painted two walls in the extra bedroom and on part of the wall we painted vintage looking flowers. 
I covered the chair bottom with fabric and cushion. 
The dresser that I repainted. (Mom this is the dresser we bought at that awesome estate sale)

Here is a video that kinda gives you an idea of what it looks like. I am sorry that it is sideways.