Out with the old, in with the new.

A couple weeks ago I got a wild hair to re-design our extra bedroom/bears office.  On my way home from work I spotted ace hardware. On a whim i pulled into the parking lot, walked in, and realized I new nothing about paint. What does high gloss, flat, and satin mean? All I wanted was grey paint that would go on my wall. The nice workers at ace hardware realized that I was unsure and guided me through the process of buying paint. Stormy grey was the color and I was headed home to try to convince the hubby that this was a GREAT idea. He knew something was up when I walked in the house with a bucket of paint and some brushes but after a little sweet talking he was onboard and even offered to help (what a good husband I have. He supports me though all my crazy ideas). Now that I got my paint and Bear was supporting this ideas I was on my way of creating a functional yet vintage design that both Bear and I could enjoy (along with all of our guest that come and visit). 

I am sorry that we don't have any good pictures. I guess that means you will have to come visit to see the room yourself :) 


I painted two walls in the extra bedroom and on part of the wall we painted vintage looking flowers. 
I covered the chair bottom with fabric and cushion. 
The dresser that I repainted. (Mom this is the dresser we bought at that awesome estate sale)

Here is a video that kinda gives you an idea of what it looks like. I am sorry that it is sideways. 

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janice said...

yay for that chair :)