Valentines Day

I am a Lucky Girl

Valentines Day is just another day and the fact that on just that day you are suppose to be romantic and cute has never been something that I have been very fond of. Bear and I had agreed that this year we were not going to do anything special and just enjoy the day together. Was I in for a BIG surprise. 

I woke up to a decorated kitchen with beautiful flowers and candles neatly arranged in a heart shape. 

Blueberry pancakes made by the one and only chef hubby. 

An agenda filled with a full day of surprises. 

1st Surprise 
Ice Skating outside

2nd Surprise
A fun lunch 

3rd Surprise 
Bear brought me to a spa to get a massage 

4th Surprise 
A wonderful dinner made by Bear that consisted of: Shrimp scampi and pancetta fennel salad

5th Surprise 
Laughing and talking by our fire place


And last but not least..... I did do something for Bear. I bought him a bear statue and a bag of skittles, hidden in the skittles was 100 reasons why I love Bear. I had tied a balloon to it and put it outside in front of our window for Bear to discover.  

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