shento made a friend

A couple weeks ago we got new neighbors. those new neighbors 
have the cutest puppy, june. shento and june have become inseparable, 
and it makes me so happy that shento has a best friend. 
the moment shento wakes up he goes strait to the front door in hopes we will let him outside
so that he can romp around the yard with his new best friend. 
and if june isn't outside, he will go sit on their porch until either 
we call him home or better yet, june comes out to play.  and when our front door is open just a crack, 
june will come running in looking for shento. 
the two of them go bounding through the house until they eventually head outside. 
 they truly are inseparable, and if we would let them decide 
they would be hang out each other everyday... 
all day long.


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

awww. this makes me so happy! so I seriously walk up and down the streets of our neighborhood with Sherman hoping (praying!) that we will find a puppy that Sherm can play with. There just aren't that many dogs in our neighborhood. Hopefully one of these days we will find Sherm a good playmate. Until then ... we go to the dog park. :)

whitney mack said...

cutest thing ever!

kristyn said...

oh my goodness, too adorable!


ginanorma said...

that's really sweet! their dog looks a lot like mine:)