it was the perfect weekend

Dear weekend, you were spectacular. I never wanted you to end. Bear and I were able to hang out with friends, relax and enjoy each other, uninterrupted for an entire day.
Dear thanksgiving point, thank you for entertaining Bear and I on Saturday. You kept us laughing with your diagraph of how farms work, you brought back lot of fun memories, and you created the perfect setting for a romantic kiss in your indoor garden.

Dear Kia, thank you for fixing my car and not laughing at me when I fell on my face in your shop.

Dear sunshine, I wish you would stick around a little longer. Shento and I really enjoyed you.

Dear McDonalds, sometimes you are exactly what I need. 


Gentri said...

OH NO!! hahaha! I'm so sorry you fell on your face!! Hope you're ok. Glad no one laughed... until I just did... :/
Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend though!

The Brooks Family said...

I am glad you're laughing. I am sure that everybody in the shop was laughing when I left.

janice said...

50 cent ice cream? what??? when i visit we will go there. non-negotiable.