Logan Canyon


Beehive Adventure: Day 31

Bear had to go up to Logan for some interviews on Sunday and Tuesday so we thought we might as well make a trip out of it and go camping  We arrived to Logan on Sunday and drove up Logan Canyon to pick out our camp site and put up our tent. We had never been up to Logan Canyon and we were pleasantly surprised when we only had to drive 6 miles outside of town to find a beautiful area to camp. After setting up camp we went back into town for Bear to do his interviews (hence, the blog with pictures from Logan) and I enjoyed exploring the town. We later headed back up to camp, we took our rain flap off the tent and enjoyed falling to sleep watching all the stars. The next day we took a hike, read our books, and relaxed. We made a fire and cooked our tinfoil dinners and roasted marshmallows. We enjoyed the fire long into the night while we talked and enjoyed each others company. It was such a great little getaway.

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Casey and Lindsay said...

I'm jealous! I miss Logan. I'm glad you two had a good time.