The last of their trip

While my parents were in town we spent a day in New York City. And although it started raining just minutes after we arrived (and it never let up), we had such a fun time showing them all over. I think the rain made it more fun (and a lot more funny). My Mom had to buy a poncho to stay warm and dry, Bear was dripping with water from head to toe; he was the only smart one to wear a rain jacket, and my Dad and I were like Mary Poppins with our umbrella's swaying in the air. 

We walked through Time Square, went into St. Patricks Cathedral and Grand Central Station. We showed them Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero, and SoHo.  We stuffed ourselves with Lombardi's famous pizza pie and frozen hot chocolate dessert from Serendipity.

As the day went on we continued to get rained on. It was raining so hard that even our umbrellas weren't doing much good. We quickly walked through Central Park and around FAO Schwarz toy store. Shortly after, we called it a day. Making our way back to the train station proved to be pretty comical. It was rush hour. Everyone had umbrellas. Puddles were ankle deep and everyone was trying to get a taxi. We walked, getting more and more soaked with every step. We caught the train just in time. We all looked like we had just stepped out of the shower by the time the day was over. 

The next day we took a walk around Rutgers Gardens, walked around the Stadium, and enjoyed my parents company. Thank you for all the wonderful meals that you cooked (and bought) for us. We loved having you guys visit us.

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Michelle said...

How wonderful it is to see the the photographs and cherish the memories we made on our visit. Thanks for letting your goofy parents stay for the week. Most of all thanks for the laughter and the quality time. love you, mom