I woke up on the wrong side of the bed

The moment my feet hit the hardwood floor I was annoyed. What I was annoyed with, that was the unknown question. I tried talking myself out of this unpleasant attitude. However, every step I made the day seemed to be turning more and more against me. I stubbed my toe as I was walking into the kitchen to get my morning joe, I cut my thumb while cutting my breakfast bagel, I choked on my bagel until tears were coming down my face, and at that point it was not even 9:30 in the morning. It was already predetermined that my day was not going to be a glorious one. The streak of accidents and clumsiness throughout the day led to a burnt hand, a broken plate, starvation (because I did not pack a lunch), and loads of frustration.

Finally, the day ended. I was still annoyed by the time I crawled back into bed. However, the source of the annoyance was still unknown.
I woke up this morning with a slightly better attitude (huge emphasis on slightly), at least I did not have multiple accidents before 9 am. I decided that I needed to relax and have a ‘me’ day.  I thought that might just do the trick into chasing away my distasteful mood.
I ran to the store and bought Bossypaints by Tina Fey. I hurried home, got myself some water, and went to go sit outside in the beautiful sunshine. I sat, read, and was hysterically laughing for 10 minutes. If you want to laugh until your insides hurt, go out and buy her book. It’s relatable, funny, and very accurate about life’s issues.
In any case, as I was laughing I was unaware of the humongous black cloud that doomed over me. The sun managed to go into hiding and the sky turned dark. Within minutes it started raining. My perfect, sitting outside day just turned for the worst. I started laughing.

I took this time, thanks to the rain, to work on my never-ending to-do list. Crossing things off slowly relieved something inside of me. The bad mood gradually drifted away. It was wonderful. I started singing around the house, secretively wishing that I were part of glee (I am pretty sure I am somewhat tone deaf).

It is now evening time and the house is quite. Bear is out doing school stuff. I am missing him and hoping that he will come walking through our door any minute. It did eventually clear up and turned into a beautiful evening that I am fully enjoying by sitting outside. 

Onto the better half of the week .

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whitney mack said...

i want her book and i love you!