Lovers Day!!

It’s late here on the East Coast and I can’t sleep. Bear and I had a fun day. We stuck with our promise and went and visited a place we had never been. I will tell you more about our adventure later (with pictures), promise. Can you believe that it is Valentine’s Day? This year Bear and I re-named the holiday to Lovers Day. I have never been a huge fan of V-day and the name always turned me off, so we thought if we re-named it we would be more likely to enjoy it. I have kind of gotten into the spirit a little bit more. No decorations up in our house, but I will be making Bear’s favorite dinner and I do have a couple more surprises up my sleeve.
I am glad this past week is over… it was a rough one. We have a lot going on in our household and it is causing a stress cloud. Though, we might have seen a hint of sun today. Bear and I had a wonderful evening together. It was so great I have to blog about it! We did nothing special. Watched some Law and Order and went and laid in bed. I gave Bear a little back tickle and we kissed. I love him so much, and sometimes (for a short time) I forget how much he means to me. He is my everything. Knowing that he is by my side makes all the stress seem not so stressful. Happy Lovers Day to my Lover!! 

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