Friday Night Date

dear husband,

no pictures documented our fantastic evening on Friday. We went to Trader Joe’s together and then you took me to our favorite consignment shop. And even though you don’t like shopping of any kind, you went and made it so much fun. The best times with you are the ones that are unplanned and a little spontaneous. Where we wonder around and have no time constraints. We wondered Trader Joe’s picking up everything that sounded or looked yummy. We ended up with a basket full by the time we were done. The consignment store went the same way. Beside I found a couple more items than you. Sorry about that. Then we went to our all time favorite dinner location. Pooja. We ordered are usual and actually ate in the restaurant (we usually do take home).  I loved how you talked on and on about our crazy book idea (we will accomplish that one day). You made me laugh.. really hard! Nothing else mattered that evening. When we got home, you should have been starting on some schoolwork, but instead you cuddled with Shento and me on the couch. I loved everything about Friday night. And I want to remember it forever.

 i love you 


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