an envelope date

Here's the deal... i love looking forward to something and weekly date nights were the perfect thing.  bear and i use to do weekly dates when we lived in new jersey but since stopped (remember I mentioned that in this post).  date nights were one thing that we put on our 2012 goals to start back up again. so i thought i would make it a little fun and create six envelopes  each holding a card with a date written on it. we went ahead and created six dates. me writing three and bear writing three. we did not show each other what we came up with. i mixed the cards up and stuck them in the envelopes.  each monday we will pull that weeks date card. i can't wait to open them and see what fun things we get to do with each other. 

P.S I stuck magnet strips on the back of each envelope and put them on the fridge. 

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