metal filing cabinet

Here's the deal... when we moved into our new home I made a vow to create a home that both Bear and I really enjoy. No more hanging a picture up just because it is all you have. The only things going on my wall are pieces we are in love with. I also wanted to create and find pieces that were original and unique. But I am on a huge budget. So with all those promises in mind, it has taken a little more time to get settled into our new home. Since I am trying to decorate on a budget and the thrift store has become my good friend, I thought I would share with you some of my projects. Most all of my projects have been cheep and easy. I have realized that you can do anything with a little creativity and spray paint! 

We needed some type of storage/cabinet in our office. I had looked all over and nothing had caught my eye. Until I received a magazine in the mail that had a beautiful colored metal cabinet. $800 was way out of my budget. So I thought about it, did a little research, and headed to the thrift store. I found this perfect metal cabinet for $4.00. Tip: when searching for a metal cabinet make sure that the drawers open and close smoothly. I then proceeded to the craft store with a couple 40% off coupons and bought three cans of spray paint. A total of $9.00.  With my research I found that it is best to use a spray paint primer on metal. That you can only get at a hardware store and runs around $5.00.

With all my paints in hand, I went to the front yard and spray painted away. It took a couple coats of paint, a couple hours for drying, and a second to carry it into our office.  It turned out perfect. Exactly how I had imagined it. The whole thing cost me about  $18.00.

Now go out and find yourself a lovely metal cabinet and get to work!


Candace Stevenson said...

oh hey there, Mrs crafty! That final looks SO cute and chic! I love it :) You are one talented lady, putting those cute colors together

Lovely Little Rants

Gentri said...

SO SO cute! Love it!

Leila said...

This is beautiful! I love it! Definitely going to try this out once I find something similar.. I desperately need to get organized.