Weekend Recap!

 This past weekend was rather lovely. 

Some of the few things that we enjoyed.

Baked a strawberry cream roll up cake for our progressive dinner with friends. 
Enjoyed an outside fire.
 Long walk at the Raritan River Tow Path.
Picked ticks off Shento.. Yuck
 Gave Shento a bath
Enjoyed Saturday morning relaxing outside in the sunshine.
Put fresh flowers in my vase.
Went to a 'we made it another year' dinner with some Grad School Friends. 
Had a picnic.
Threw sticks in the river for Shento.
Cuddled up in blankets because it got a little chilly at the river. Yes, even shento was shivering.
Went and got a warm beverage after our picnic.
Sat and talked under a magnolia a tree.
Watched the old watermill.
Enjoyed a Sunday drive through the farm country. 

Yes, I must say our weekend was wonderful and relaxing. 
I hope yours was too.