we love us some hamburgers

We have exactly 37 days until we say our goodbyes to New Jersey. We have a love/hate relationship with this area. We love it because we have made it our home, lots of memories have been created here, and we have a list of our favorite spots and eateries to go to. For the next couple weeks we (yes, hubby is getting involved in this as well) will be spotlighting some of our favorite places that we have grown to love and enjoy.

First up is Blitzburgers... we randomly found this little hamburger joint as we were walking around downtown New Brunswick. They are best known for their (many) creative hamburgers that you can choose from. My favorite is the pesto burger, layered with swiss cheese, spinach, and mushrooms. Before we leave, I am hoping to try the rowdy rueben burger, the name just sounds fun!
As most of you know, Bear and I love of us some hamburgers, and this quickly became one of our favorite little spots to go when our craving came on. it is simply delicious. and as an added bonus, it is only a couple miles away from our house.

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Sarah M. Flinn said...

When are you leaving again? I am so jealous, but I'm glad to hear you do have some love for New Jersey!