We played hooky and spent our day at the river.

After Monday was over, Bear was not only exhausted from staying up all night writing a paper, he was also emotionally drained from the constant stress of the end of the semester. With only one paper left to write, we decided that there was a (huge) need for a relaxing and stress free day. So we played hooky from all responsibilities on Tuesday. We made our way up to one of our favorite summer time locations, Ken Lockwood Gorge.  We started out on our drive with an cream cone and singing to good music. We brought books and magazines to entertain us, but it had been so long since we had just enjoyed each other's company, that Bear only picked up his book when I went wondering around taking pictures. It was absolutely beautiful in both the weather and the surroundings. It was a perfect day to spend together.

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Elizabeth Clark said...

You guys needed that, and deserved it! Pictures are beautiful! Love you three!