it's super quite in my house right now. Bear is reading in our room and i am sure that Shento is snuggled up  right next to him. i am sitting on our couch sipping some tea reminiscing about the curtains that i sewed today. i thought long and hard about how i would make them and what pattern/color they would be, and now as i am starring at them they turned out just okay. they look more blue to me than the grey they looked in the store and my seam line is not completely strait. maybe i should of just bought the ones that i was wanting instead of trying to be crafty. oh well, i am sure they will grow on me... they've got to because they are here to stay! the moving process is progressing. i still feel a little discombobulated. i put things away and then i forget where they are, and trying to find room for all of our stuff has been a challenge but the house is lovely, the neighborhood seems charming, and it's exciting starting this new adventure.

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Anonymous said...

Colors are such a difficult thing to work with... I bet you will love them after you get used to them. Happy decorating and sewing. I am so glad that I have taught you to love the artistic side of life!! It makes every day enjoyable!!! You are so very talented.... Love that gift!!
Love and Hugs Mom