camp DISS

Camp DISS 
definition: Camp Dissertation: an intensive couple weeks that consist of getting very familiar with the computer screen and key board, understanding the effects of not sleeping, comprehending the meaning of reading, writing, editing and re-writing, acknowledging you’re hungry but knowing that chocolate has all the nurtirance that you need and it’s easy to eat, and lastly managing the stress by giving yourself multiple large knots in your neck and back area that take weeks to go away.

Sound fun? Sign up for a PhD program and you will get to enjoy all of that. 

A couple weeks ago Bear turned in the first draft of his dissertation to his advisor. This is the last big step (beside apply to jobs) that he will take in his PhD program. The stack of paper that he printed is an accumulation of years of research and hard work. It feels slightly unreal that this entire process of being a grad students wife is winding down. But as the wife, I couldn't be more excited about what the future holds and proud of all of Bears hard work.

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