Our Local Farmers Market

Every Friday vendors from across the state gather in the middle of our town to sell their produce, baked goods, flowers, and local honey. We go for the organic produce, the occasional bunch of sunflowers, and always hit up the pickles guy. One time I bought a pint of pickles and had them almost finished off before I even made it home. What can I say, the pickles are tasty.
I can never get over how huge and beautiful the sunflower bouquets are. And I’m sure this week  the pumpkins will have arrived and we will buy one or four of them. You can never have too many pumpkins this time of year. 

Farmers markets are a fav of mine. I love the atmosphere and seeing everyone out and about enjoying themselves. It makes the town feel more like a community.  It's been fun watching this particular farmers market double in size in just a few short months. Bring on the fresh produce. 

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