A Day Trip to Philly

Recently, Bear and I wrote down all of the stuff we want to do while living on the East Coast. We could fill up everyday for the next 6 months with the activities we have on our list thus far. However, there are a couple things on that list that are must dos, and one of them was a day trip to Philadelphia. I have been to Philly multiple times for work events and visiting friends but Bear has never 'officially' been. So we played history buff tourists for a day and made our way around the 'city of brotherly love'.  please excuse the horrible quality of iphone pics. If you have any other fun suggestions of things to do in Philly, please share with us. 

^A picture in front of love sign is a must if you visit Philly. I fell in love with this city many years ago when I came for a work event and I have been talking it up to Bear for years.^  

^Bear is standing on the Independence Hall lawn. The Liberty Bell sits to the left of him and Independence Hall is right across the street. The grave site of Benjamin Franklin. ^

^ The Christ Church Burial ground and the outside of the Free Masons building ^

^^Philadelphia City Hall^^

^Inside Independence Hall. This room is where the Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution were debated and adopted. ^
^Last but not least, the Reading Terminal Market. We stopped and had lunch at Dinic's Pork and Beef shop. The pulled pork sandwich was pretty tasty.^

Philly, you have always held a special place in my heart. From all the history to the yummy food (don't worry, we will be back to taste test cheese steaks and pretzels) you have never disappointed.

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