Shento had a Birthday

Shento had a birthday last month and we celebrated. It has become a little family tradition celebrating the pups b-day. Shento loves it because he gets all the treats, rubs, and attention a dog could ask for. 
A couple years ago, Bear and I started having a dog birthday cake cook-off. We would allow ourselves a certain amount of time, a pantry full of ingredients (dog friendly of course), and Shento determined the winner by eating the 'winning' cake first. 

^Shento got extra spoiled this year because my co-worker brought him some adorable puppy cupcakes. If we're being honest I think he liked those best. ^  

^ The winning pup cakes. It's amazing what you can do with pumpkin, flour and oats. ^

Happy Birthday to our little puppy. I can't believe it's been 8 years since we first met you at the dog park. When I first saw you and your long droopy ears, I ran to Bear telling him I was going to steal you. Little did I know your foster mom was standing a mere inch away from me and heard my plan of attack to grab you, run through the dog park and take you home. She politely told me that I didn't have to steal you, I could adopt you. And i'm so glad we made that decision eight years ago.

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