Our adventurous weekend in D.C

After Bear turned in his dissertation we headed to D.C for a long weekend.  We needed a getaway and Bear needed some time to relax and free his mind from thinking. D.C is one of  our favorite cities and our best friend lives there (see pic above) so it seemed like the perfect getaway. 

^ We arrived on Thursday night and had all day Friday to explore and play tourist.^

^Exploring the Library of Congress.^

^Touring the Capital. Bear was very focused on learning all about the statues in the rotunda. :) ^ 

^On the roof top of the Newseum.^

Friday evening we met up with some of Bear's old high school friends. I'm kicking myself that we didn't get a picture of all of them. It was so fun watching Bear be among some of his old friends. They went through old year books and told funny stories about each other. 

 On Saturday we walked all around the Mall and Tidal Basin. Bear has been reading a book on Thomas Jefferson and wanted to go spend some time at his memorial.  

^Thanks Ryan for taking one of my favorite pictures of us. ^ 

^ Cheering for the Gators. They had just made a touch down. ^ 

Later in the day we headed to the bar to watch the UF football game. That was probably one of the highlights of the trip.  I wish I would of gotten a picture of the entire bar. It was decorated all in Orange and Blue and was packed with people cheering for the Gators.

^Sunday Brunch^ 

We ended the weekend with Sunday brunch and a stroll around the portrait gallery.

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