The first day

Dear Mr.Brooks,

Today you started your first day of school. But this time it's a little different. You aren't the student. You are the one in charge. The one that stands up in front of the room full of youngins who are ready to learn. Those youngins will call you teacher, or maybe even Professor. You should not be scared or nervous, you are an amazing teacher. And I know that because you teach me everyday. I look forward to when we have kids of our own and you get to teach them. I hope they show as much appreciation of learning as you do. 

I love listening and watching you talk about a subject because your love of knowledge, learning, and passion are so apparent . And although you doubt yourself at times, your accomplishments shine through brightly. You should be proud. I am. Do you remember this day and this day. Look how far you have come! 

And yes, I realize that you think I am a big dork. I had to take your picture on your first day of school. The thing you don't realize is, it was for my benefit. Now I get to stare at your handsome face all day! 

Love you tons,
Your wife.


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