Everyone needs their picture taken on the first day of school! 
Bear goes back to school. 
Through my whole life my Mom had to take my picture on my first day of school, so I am not letting the tradition end. Bear had his first day of school on Tuesday and he stood out on our porch for his first day of school picture. One day he will thank me :) The week before we had gone school shopping for some notebooks, pens, and of course we can not forget clothes. "Grad students have to dress professionally, and I don't have any professional clothes", said Mr, Grad Student Bear Brooks. So we took one day and got his hair cut and went clothes shopping. When we got home he did a fashion show of all the new things that he got. Below are a couple of pictures from the fashion show. Enjoy!!
First Day of School. 

 The dressing room (our living room and couch) 

Model One: White dress shirt, tie, blue cashmere sweater, and corduroy pants.   


 Model Two: Grey Undershirt, pink and white striped button down , dark grey slim fit jeans. 
Model Three: Black sweater jacket, white long sleeve button down dress, dark grey jeans. 

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