I have become a stalker

The man walked through the aisles of our local grocery store and I caught a glimpse of him. To my amazement and excitement he was wearing a “No Name Saloon” hat. I searched on the hat for the words Park City, Utah and I found them. I felt so excited inside.

I watched him as he walked through the aisle and closer to me. I am sure that he noticed. He had to of. I was literary starting at him for 3 minutes. He looked lost and confused as he walked closer. I thought to say something but nothing came out of my mouth. He was gone. I turned around in some what of a pantic, I might of lost the UTAH man. But don not worry, I found him in the check out lane. I thought to myself “if I get in the check out lane next to him we will out of the store together”. As I kept an eye peeled on this ‘no name saloon’ man I slowly watched as he got closer to checking out. I was stuck in the lane were the old lady was taking a very long time doing everything so I was stuck waiting for my turn. I watched him walk out the door and out of my life. No chance to ask him about his hat. At least it brought me joy.

No, the picture is not of the man in the store. It is another random person that I found on the internet who is wearing the same hat :)

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