School is back in session

Summer has come to an end. We must say goodbye and get back into the swing of things. Bear started school last week and so far has really enjoyed it. This semester will be his last semester in the classroom. Can you believe that the time has gone by so quickly?  Bear, my amazing grad student hubby will be slightly busy this semester with all of his engagements. He is not only taking his own classes, but also taking the role of a teacher and conducting classes to undergrads. Three classes to be exact and each have about 20 students. Last week he stayed up late to make sure that he had all his material ready and the lesson (outline) planned out for the first day. He even had me sit there as if I was a student and listen to what he was going to say, he did a great job. He is also one of the co-presidents for the anthropology graduate student association and is busy planning parties (we had one this weekend), speaking engagements, and a whole lot of other stuff.  So far, things seem to be running smoothly, but this is only the second week of school. I am sure life will start to become more and more chaotic as the semester continues. However, Bear is really excited about what the semester will bring and all the new experiences we will have. Here’s to a new school year!! 

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Jamie Curtis said...

hooray for starting another school year!! looks like bear will be super busy this semester! let's find a time to get together soon. love you bunches!