iced raspberry green tea

this last weekend was hot. as a matter of fact, it was a record breaking heat in Utah. any piece of clothing that touched my body was immediately taken off.  apologize to any of my neighbors who saw me strutting around my house in my underwear. I am normally a lover of the high temperatures, but this weekend was too much.  it could be because it went from cold, to extremely hot over night, and my poor body could not regulate the hotness. the one thing i do know is that you have to stay hydrated. so my big glass of cold iced raspberry green tea never left my side. i think we have gone through about 4 pitchers in a matter of two days. so i am here to share with all of you this simple drink recipe that just might save you from the heat.
Grab yourself a fun 36 ounce pitcher. A summer time color always makes for a good pick.
4 green tea bags
2 raspberry green tea bags
boiled water

boil the water, mix in the honey (I normally use a tablespoon, but if you want your tea sweeter you can always add more), add in the tea bags.

let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.
grab a large glass, fill with ice, pour the tea and enjoy!

you can experiment with all different tea flavors. Some of my favorites have been mango, blueberry, and raspberry. get creative, enjoy your iced tea, and have a lovely summer.

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Gaby said...

This looks yummy, and your photos are so dreamy! I wish it was hot here, but instead it's cold and rainy :(