Mr. Best Dressed

a little while back Bear played in a woody tennis tournament. 
everyone involved played with the old wood racquets and were suppose to dress the part. 
you probably noticed that Bear pulled the look off like a champ.
 he won a trophy for his awesomeness. Best dressed.. that's my hubby! 
he also did great playing tennis.
 I sat on the side and cheered for mr. best dressed.  


Rolled Up Pretty said...

He is dressed just perfect for the occasion. So fun!

The Pingrees said...

i love the racquet!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

I love the old rackets! I played tennis in high school and it is SO fun! And my dad has a ton of old rackets like those! It was good to meet you! I just wish we could have talked more...went by way too fast!!!

Jamie Curtis said...

how fun!! he played the part perfectly!